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I currently own i10 Era 2008 model car & totally satisfied with car's perfromance but with the rising prices of petrol i want to switch over to a diesel hatchback & my criterias are:-


Refined & decent power engine with decent pick up,very good interior,ride & handling,fuel efficiency & low maintenance costs.


I have ruled out Liva Diesel ( Terrible Dashboard design & Interiors although not launched but will have the same petrol model interiors),New Vista(Very Poor quality of plastics),New Swift ( Again palstic quality not upto the mark & total black interiors & more Turbo lag in BS IV version & a waiting period of 5 months),Polo ( Price not justified to the features),Punto(Poor engine performance) ,Figo ( Interiors qulaity & old design) & finally shorlisted Nissan Micra,Scoda Fabia & i20 Sports with pros & cons as below:-


Nissan Micra -

Pros - Superb Engine,almost nil Turbo Lag,Decent Build qulaity,Decent looks

Cons - Very roundish shape interiors,pricey as compared to features


Scoda Fabia


Pros - Excellent Build Quality,Superb Fit & finish,inetriors,space

Cons - Not sure about engine performance,maintenance cost


i20 Sports


Pros - Excellent features,quality of material very good,excellent engine pick up.


Cons - Ride & handling not confidence aspiring.


Hence plz guide which one to choose out of above 3 mentioned or any othet option which i may have left out.


Pl note that my budget for the diesel hatch is 6.5 lacs



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BornFree2011-09-06 15:27:58

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Welcome aboard Harry. Looks like you've done your homework pretty well!


Quite a few of us on the Board are facing a similar dilemma, you can also refer to  "http://archive.autocarindia.com/autocar_forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=8459 " a  fair bit of discussion has gone into it.


IMO you would do well leaving out the Fabia too,  its fairly old & Polo is a better bet.


Micra appeals to me. Do check out its Ground clearance, some could find it low.


A new facelifted i20 is suppossed to be around the corner, search existing threads for more info.


Lets see what our members have to say!


Best of luck.

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I would still say you should properly try Punto.

(I own one btw)

And this reply is not biased in anyway...

Punto has a really good road grip and handling.

the new 90HP  is spot on for the money. I dont see any reason why you should have qualms about buying the new one.


Interiors are not very rich, that might put you off.. But thats a very small bargain if you ask me.(I felt the same way too ,hopefully FIAT is listening.)

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I can digest interiors of Punto as i am also a Punto fan but sluggish engine performance is what keeping me away..otherwise awesome car. 

Why said Punto is sluggish? It may be behind other cars in drag race for few yards, but after that its a rocket. Its ingear acceleration talks volume. Its ingear acceleration is as good as Swift.


So never worry about its performance. I had started a thread like "Punto is Sluggish - A Myth". In that I mentioned the various cars performance and can conclude from that, Punto is never Sluggish.

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