Happy Vishyakarma Puja to everyone.


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Lord VISHWAKARMA was the only architect who was imbued with all the

qualities of Fine Art, which were necessary for the creation of Universe.

It is a fact that is recognized by all that legendary Golden Lanka (Sri

Lanka) was built by Lord Vishyakarma.    


Vishyakarma with multihand is accepted by every Indian as the

creator of Universe.VISHWAKARMA is described as the God of carpenters,

goldsmiths, blacksmiths, masons and all those people who are skilled in

the crafts.  VISHWAKARMA is as great as Lord BRAHMA,

VISHNU, MAHESH because all our scriptures concerned with

Hindu religion contains episodes of his glorious contributions   

Everything in this world we see like big dams, the reservoirs, bridges,

skyscrapers, airplanes and all sorts of mechanics around which our life

revolves are the product of Hammer and Chisel, which represent.

Lord VISHWAKARMA. Mankind cannot deny these facts as it would be

a betrayal of our mythological history.

Today we celebrate Vishyakarma puja. Here in India, we regard this god as the god of machines. Factories, automobiles and all machine operated units perform this puja to keep them in running condition and to bring good luck.

My puja has been offered to keep my car safe and run forever.







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