Ford, Honda, Skoda, Toyota or Volkswagen???

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Hi members,

I just joined this forum to get an expert advice and also to know your past experiences regarding these brands.

I am planning to buy a new car

Budget is up to 12,00,000/-


Want car with airbags

want to choose from following companies

Ford, Honda, Skoda, Toyota or Volkswagen

Mileage requirement is between 12-15kmpl

please guide me...

Thank you,

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With 12 L You will get Toyota Corolla 1.8J &Innova GX8,Honda City V M/T,VW Vento Highline M/T and Ford Fiesta 1.5 Titanium + etc.Here Honda city is known as segment leader among mid size sedans and its overall product quality,mileage and resale value are better than its competitors. Corolla is one size bigger than City,Fiesta and Vento .Innova will give you more comfort than sedan but both of these Toyota product's fuel efficiency not good enough as City even petrol Innovas are not popular in the market.

 Fieta offers you the best ride quality and handling experience in its segment and known as one of India's best driver's car because of its brilliant dynamics. But  rear seat legroom and over pricing made this car to take back seat behind City,Verna and Vento.


I suggest you to take Test drive of all these cars and decide your chariot .My personal choice is Honda City V M/T.

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For the best petrol sedan go for the Skoda Laura TSi . It is going with great discounts and manages to fit in your budget . The car has good dynamics and is a segment above the rest in 12 lakhs category . (also please include extended warrenty and AMC especially for every german car. ) Hope it helps you .

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for a budjet of 12 lacks the best bet is either the the top-end honda city v or the corolla altis ! both have great engines. though corolla altis is a segment higher and bit more expensive i think the stretch is justified !

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For the budget of 12 lacs for a Petrol car, I'd suggest you to go for Toyota Corolla ALTIS.

Its new face-lift also looks good & is quite loaded with features too as compared to the segment lower Honda City.

Its fuel efficiency is also in the region of 12-14kmpl, as of its recently tweaked VVT-i engine.

As of recent Diesel shift, you've also get immediate delivery for your car alongwith Attractive deals or freebies too.

Another option is Skoda Laura 1.8 TSi.

Its more Performance-enthusiast oriented & is equally fuel-efficient.

But Its long term ownership may not prove to be as Trouble-free as Toyota or Honda.

Do test drive both of them & judge the best for you out.

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