Velocity from Discovery channel from Oct.4th!

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Discovery's new Velocity channel launching October 4 [w/video]


By Noah Joseph

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Posted Sep 22nd 2011 8:31AM



Thankfully, there's plenty of programming on television for automotive gearheads: Top Gear

shows and motor racing broadcast from locations around the world, car

chase scenes in movies, the always-dysfunctional crew from American Chopper... heck, there's even a whole channel called Speed. But it's about to get some competition on the octane-drenched airwaves.

As we reported

back in July, Discovery is gearing up to launch the Velocity channel,

jam-packed with car-related programming, all broadcast in

high-definition. Discovery has now announced that the channel will begin

airing in place of the existing HD Theater on October 4 at 7 pm

(Eastern Standard Time). But just what can we expect when it does?

Fortunately, the producers have hit us with details on network's new

lineup. Velocity wont be entirely about cars, targeting as it will

"upscale men" in general. So there will be some NFL coverage, gadget

shows, finishing programs and such. But what about the cars?

For starters, MotorWeek

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