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Hi every one,

                 Before i start there are some interesting facts about this car.

            1.This is the first kinetic blue diesel in both titanium variant in Tamilnadu.

           2.first kinetic blue diesel to be given from Chennai ford dealership,chennai.

           3.Fourth kinetic blue diesel in Chennai(3 trend by mpl ford).


        My search started in June 2011, i wanted to upgrade to a sedan.i sold my fiat grande punto,exotica red,1.3mjd,emotion pack in June. My choices were

                                                             1.vw vento

                                                     fluidic verna

                                                               3.all new ford fiesta.

1.vw vento

    like- engine,decent ride and handling,space.

Dislike-lack of equipment,stain prone light interiors, fluidic verna-

    like-engine,equipments level,value for money.

Dislike-rear seats,scary ride and handling.

3.all new Ford fiesta-

    Like-ride and handling,equipments level,my favourite black interiors,built quality.

Dislike-rear space,price.

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Finally i decided to go in for all new fiesta(since we already have ford fiesta now classic with us and a happy ford customer)


    Booked the car on July 1st,even before its launch.On July 14th,i.e.,on launch told me a waiting period of 8wks for diesel.selected the titanium variant.kinetic blue colour.

On September wrote to ford md about when i will get delivery of my car.They replied that they will get in touch with dealership and do the needful.

Finally got reply from dealership and through mail that i will get the car September end.

During the last week of September i got call from dealership that they have titanium plus ready in factory, and do i have any idea of receiving that model.(since there is delay in production of kinetic blue style and titanium variants)

Having been waiting for 10weeks,i decided to go for the top end,since titanium kinetic blue colour will take another one month.


    Finally two persons went directly to the factory on 29th September and drove the car all the way from factory to dealership yard.Next day i applied for the special registration number in secretariat. On 4th October got the number.

Registering my vehicle on 7th of this month.vehicle is with the dealership now.Taking the delivery of the car on Friday.

Will post further review this weekend.

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Congratulations on arriving your car at the dealership.

So accept partial of them & partial one, i'll secure it for the delivery of your car.

Hats off to your patience.

Do post the pics of your car after delivery.

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Congrats for your new car. I am little bit surprised about Fiesta's

waiting period. They have sold only 1829 cars upto September 30th since

its launch in Mid of July. The maximum number sold in a month is 781 which happened in July. Then 401 in August and 647 in September.I have few questions in my mind. What is the production capacity of Fiesta? Since competitors like Verna ,City and Vento are selling between 3000-5000 per month Ford could have planned anywhere near to 2000.

 Old Fiesta was selling more diesel cars than petrol so they also planned the same proportion for new Fiesta. Then color.I do not think 1500 out of 1829 opted for blue color. Don't anybody feel that ford is trying to make artificial demand for its car by keeping its price way head of competitors and keeping customers waiting for several months without any justification.

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The day they announced the prices of the New Fiesta there was a collective 'groan' from all quarters. It's priced way above the market perception and this has resulted in fewer cars sold. Though dynamically sound, it lacks features and power which is why Verna sells more and is seen as VFM though it may not be that good in the handling dept.Durango Dude2011-10-06 12:57:47

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Hi Bala,

   hope so whatever you predicted will become a reality one day(bmw).

Yes its true that after driving these cars(punto,fiesta classic) one can easily rate the handling of other cars quite easily.That's why even though there are good products in this segment(vw vento, hyundai fludic verna) i personally choose the perfect drivers car the all new Fiesta.

i will get my car tomorrow eve.will post lot of pictures.

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Your New Fiesta in blue really looks Cool.

I've also got the chance to check out the New Fiesta last week at nearby Ford Dealership.

Seen white one there & undoubtedly it looked much better(in every aspect) than New Verna or else.

Also I'm quite a fond of European cars(as New Fiesta is a creation of Ford, UK) & their tough build to last feel.

Is the picture too small' date=' i uploaded 320*240 size, tell me the better size for our forum.[/quote']

Upload your pics to & then select 'Large Thumbnail' from the Right bottom of its page.

Then Copy the direct link from there & Paste it in the 'Insert Image' hotlink tab here.

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i am really finding it difficult to upload images' date='dr.nishu after copying the link to insert image hot link,what should i do next?


Do upload the pics on & Copy-Paste the link of that page here or PM me.

I'll paste them here.

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speedo and other controls during night,





           First a big WOW, FANTASTIC.


                The ride and handling is amazing,feels planted all the time.Just now completed a 300kms long drive.


                Steering feel and response is excellent.Feather light at low speed and stand still, heavier at high speeds.


                At low speeds ride is firm,at high speeds it absorbs almost everything.minimal body roll,feels planted.


              Just tried the cruise control for a short distance it works well.


             There is a little bit of turbo lag below 1800 rpm, over it torque saves it,engine responds well, turbo boost is linear, no suden surge in power.


              Good.due to firm suspension no need to worry about speedbreakers, dint encounter any problems over some fairly big speed breakers.


         It is very refined, silent one, at high speeds and hard revving a little hum of  engine can be responds well,Cruising at triple digit speeds is effortless.


         Very effective, high speed braking is confidence inspiring.Feels planted and car holds its line even in hard braking.


         Switch situated below music player.But there is no individual locking mechanism for all doors, the doors can be opened even when central locking is on.

     There is no specific fuel lid opener,when central locking is released the fuel lid can be opened by just pulling it.(struggled to find it when fuelling yesterday, finally went through manual and found out this).when central locking on, it cant be opened.


          sounds great for an factory fitted one, does lot of things like voice control,bluetooth,vehicle control.The lcd screen shows lot of informations.


         Front the seats envelopes you,holds you tight.good amount of space.comfortable.

         Rear the seats are well cushioned,but the downside is its width is somewhat less, 3 normally built can be seated well,but even if anyone person is fat then it really becomes quite difficult.legroom is adequate.

Today i tinted my car with GLOBAL tints,USA.The specifications are below,


performance of tint is good.

Ok guys see you with further updates later.

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@ Scorpionragha

Congrats for owning a truly beautiful car.

It looks great.

Of the five photos, I liked the first one better.

The photo is well balanced.  With that striking green

vertical line in the yellow background, the red floor and

a wonderful blue car with a dash of black and silver shades.

Like the way you struggled to get to know the release of fuel lid,

I too had to look into the manual for knowing exactly where the

chasis number, engine numbers are embossed on the body of my

Xylo.  It was a rather funny scene at RTO when five chaps could

not find it in two hours, despite running over, below and everywhere

else to locate it, all in vain.  I informed the RTO guys later the exact

location of the plate containing the details. 


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Engine compartment,

        no free space,entirely occupied.


Tyres, 195/60 r15, offer decent amount of grip.


Orvm with indicators




Window now tinted


Boot space, fairly large.


Front space, superb front seats, good space.


Rear seats, drivers seat adjusted for me (5ft7inch), well cushioned,good for only 3normally built adults, if fat only 2 persons can accomodate.Leg space is good.


Front dashboard layout


Music system, really a good sound output.


Speedo, sporty looking one.


Cruise control,


Steering audio controls.


Auto climate control. Effective one.


Usb, aux, charging point. convinently placed.


Light control switch.


Glove box,  just adequate.


Bottle holder.  many!


Foot well lighting.


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Lounge-like Interior lighting, Excellent Attention to detail & Easy maneuverability due to lesser apparent width of the car makes it really a Breeze to own & Drive.

New Fiesta is definitely having the engineering put into worth the price, but not that much Ford demanded it for, presently. As today's Auto Market scenario demands more value now.

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