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Changed my cars tyre to yokohama c drive, at 1666kms.195/60 r15.



   Twice i had to brake hard, to my surprise the car dint stop where i wanted to, i felt my older fiat grande punto was better.I found out its not cars problem, its the tyres.I searched on web regarding this and found this,




    Braking has improved a lot, stops where i wanted to.

    Ride quality has improved a bit(already has very good ride quality).

    Wet weather grip increased a lot.

Competed 2000km yesterday.


Only negative i encountered is the rear passenger, complaining about the head rest,its an half an inch to one inch forward.They complain of neck pain after travelling for longer period.



    1.Handling- inspires  confidence in me to take the car to its limits.

    2.Ride- absolutely flat,can take the bad roads with ease, without disturbing  

      the occupants.

    3.Strong midrange-car cruises effortlessly to 150kmph,after which it

       accelerates a bit slowly, attained a top speed of 180kmph.


     1.Turbo lag- it can be felt a little bit, below 1800 rpm,it shows,beyond that

      it accelerates smoothly in a linear manner.


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Agreed ragha, Good year tyres are bad. Many Figo has wobbling kind of issues attached. I tried my best to change the GY tyres in my uncles Etios to Bridgestone from dealer, but they refused.

OT- What you did to your old tyres, if its not sold yet, I shall buy from you.

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Congrats alot scorpionragha on clocking Happy 2000+ kms on your New Fiesta Diesel.

Felt happy to see your switch over to the Yokohamas from not so great GYs.

But drive carefully on deep potholed & poor roads as Yokohamas are bit on the softer build type to handle those worst conditions.dr_nishu2011-10-22 20:48:03

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hi bala, Older tyres were taken by the tyre dealer for rs2000 each.

hi nishu, yes these yokohamas are on the softer side, but better than michelin primacy lc. i had the same tyres(yoko c drive) on my older punto they performed brilliantly,and can take some beating.

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Completed 1,00,000km of riding bike & driving cars.

Bajaj pulsar 150 dtsi version 1-27000km.

Bajaj pulsar 150 dtsi version 3-33000km.

Ford fiesta tdci(now classic)   -10000km

Fiat grande punto mjd e.pack -25000km

Nissan micra xv petrol             - 3000km

New Ford fiesta tdci                - 2000km and journey continues.


My counting started in august 2003, when i bought my first pulsar.

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Completed the first service of my car on 28th oct,at 2500kms, at chennai ford, arumbakkam.

No issues so far during this period.

Some of the accessories added,

Leather seat covers from ford, cost Rs 13000.



Scuff plates, cost Rs 4000, available only for the front doors.


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Encountered 1st problem in my car.

On 6th nov, when i was driving through 10cm of water(20kmph),suddenly i heard a scraping noise from below. i thought something must have caught between the car and the road.Quickly parked the car on roadside and checked out.Found the engine compartment shield has come out and scraping the road.

 Got some wire from nearby auto driver and tied it myself and drove my car to my home(which was luckily near).

 Called ford service manager and tried to fix it myself as per his instructions(time of incident 10pm).


 Got help from local mechanic but could not fix it and it was loose.So we removed it completely and placed it in the boot.


Without the shield


Took the car to service centre, found out the bush which fixes it has become loose, ordered for new one and replaced it after 2 days.(bush is something which fixes the shield to the base of the bumper through screw).

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2nd problem.

 Took the car to mint street,chennai on one sunday to my grandpa house, parked my car on roadside.After 6hrs i came near the car and found some has hit the car.

A small dent was seen on the rear left door.


now repaired


Cost of repair Rs5000. got it from insurance, paid only Rs500.

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thank you sb-alto,

Older fiesta is really an excellent product and its a sure winner.

About 3m exterior treatment, i think its not that worth. when i took the car from 2nd service the car looked brand new. But the shine is not sustained.Still swirl marks are visible.I think that package was not enough. we should take the car to dedicated 3m car care,so that we can select whatever suits our need.

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1st puncture:

      Front right side.Found that the tyre losing air slowly.Filled air couple of time and checked.Again there was some loss of air.Took it to nearby puncture repair shop today.

1 inch long sharp nail.





Waxed my car yesterday with Formula 1 carnabua wax.


Car after waxing:


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