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   175kmph(pondy-tindivanam highway).(Its just to check for top speed)

Road conditon:

    Absolutely no vehicle during test.


    Drive safe.

VEHICLE BEHAVIOR:(During speed test)

    -Absolutely stable.

    -Very effective braking.Holds its line under hard braking.

    -Steering is very responsive & heavy at speeds.Car goes where you point like  a go-kart.

    -Even at high speeds engine noise is not very high inside cabin.

    -Overall its truly a DRIVER'S CAR.

scorpionragha2012-04-01 15:42:54

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3 new issues:

1st-Music player: a distorted sound started to produce suddenly when volume is increased,got rectified from ford service centre,cause is due to some loose wiring in front right speaker.

2nd -ACC: First time ac blower produced hot air instead of cold air,this one happened when i took delivery of my car for rectified speaker wiring, immediately called the service manager, he told this one is happening in all new fiesta occasionally and this is some safety feature, and said some technical word DSP, he told me to drive at 80kmph for 2seconds, did so and problem got rectified by itself, weird.

3rd - a brand new swift,just taken delivery from showroom rammed my cars rear, mistake was completely by the driver of swift,he couldn't stop the car in time and he is an beginner.actually i saw the car through my rear view mirror and felt something suspicious because the car was not slowing down, i had some presence of mind to move the car in front to prevent him from crashing, inspite of my efforts he crashed, went to see the result, thinking a bad damage, to my surprise not even a single scratch was there on my rear bumper, but the swift front bumper got misaligned, hats off to ford for superb BUILT QUALITY.

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i havent seen somebody so madly in love with his car , the snap of the NAIL that punctured your car ,was the icing on the cake , if it was left to you alone, you would have shot dead the NAIL.


Kudos to you , you certainly have a great car with you.


The AC solution was interesting , do try to get a sure shot solution though.


What is the average / FE of the car now ?


No damage ? Did you see the rear bumper the next morning, again ?

librankur2012-05-17 16:41:44

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Hi everyone & librankur,

    The ac problem did not occur again and is back to normal.

     Fuel economy-highway 17kmpl, city 12kmpl,-overall 15kmpl.

     Rear bumper-after that incident i checked for damage next day morning, there was only small amount of swift white paint on my bumper, i rubbed it with wet cloth, it was removed easily. The bumper was perfectly fine. Myself wondering!

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Actually New fiesta is a niche product. Whoever drives it get stares. It should remain this way. I drove a petrol fiesta to chennai and i couldn't tell if the car engine was on or off. My 1.6 Ikon is the exact opposite.

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Yes vr.46, you are correct my car actually attracts many people, there are so many people who came to me & said your car looks super, stunning, beautiful etc, at petrol pumps , parking lots, in our hospital, on road etc.

Also my car colour is the one which gives it the sporty character.

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hi scorpionragha,

your review had been very useful. i took a test drive of fiesta diesel and felt good. but i found the clutch to be a bit hard and heavy. m planning to buy this car, but since i do city driving mostly, this clutch is making me give it a second thought. pl tell me your experience.

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hi everyone.

     Given my car for 3rd service 20000km @ chennai ford, arumbakkam today.


   1.tak tak(minimal) sound from steering when turned with car idle, actually noticed it when the car is brand new, but the service guys could not pick it up so left the same way.Today they noticed. Thanks for an team bhp member(got solution from him) who had the similar problem and got it rectified. Solution for this is to lubricate the steering shaft.

   2.Noise when braking hard, had similar complaint in previous car and found the brake pad to be worn out.Waiting for the diagnosis and treatment for the complaint.

Next step:

   1. Thinking of taking my car to 3m car care, nungambakkam, chennai for some ext and int beautification.

   2. Tyre rotation, i am doing it regularly every 5000kms.

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Tyre rotation;

    -Every 5000km.

    -During first cycle(1st 5000km) Swap front tyres to rear and rear to front, i.e, keeping the right set of tyres on right and left on left.

    -During next cycle(2nd 5000km) Swap front right tyre to rear left & vice-versa and front left tyre to right rear tyre & vice-versa.

     -Repeat the cycle.

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    1.Steering problem(tak tak noise while turning it when car is in idle)-Rectified by lubricating it.

    2.Brake noise front(during hard braking)-Rectified by changing brake pads that too under warranty!

Total bill amount:


Found this 4 page sheet in my car.

1st page:


2nd page:


3rd page:


4th page:


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Being a intermediate license holder' date=' how you are able to upload the photos directly ?? I did not had the access to do it !![/quote']

    Go to, sign in. upload photos there,click on uploaded photo, resize it to large thumbnail on right bottom of opened image, copy & paste direct link here.add [image] before link & [/image] after link.

  NOTE: type image as img.

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