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Top Gear honoured with Postage Stamps.

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Isle of Man unveils Top Gear postage stamps


By Jonathon Ramsey

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Posted Oct 11th 2011 9:30AM




The Isle of Man, probably best known for the Isle of Man TT motorcycle

race, is producing a series of stamps celebrating another well-known

wheeled effort: Top Gear. There are six stamps in the collection, each "lavishly tooled" with an image of a Top Gear creation, such as the homemade electric car or the much-modified Toyota pickup from Iceland built to tackle the North Pole.

It isn't the Isle's first stab at commemorative, vehicular-themed stamps: earlier this year it produced a set for the of Isle of Man TT, and sold chunks of the tarmac course to go with it. If you're keen to lick the backs of Top Gear challengers, follow the jump for the press release on the new postage.

News Source: Isle of Man, Isle of Man, BBC

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Wish we had something even half as good as TG in India.Here we have only plain jane reviews .Only exciting development in last few years is Overdrive show reviews done by that tall monkey smiley7.gif

OT :durago dude,I have sent you a pm please checkCrazy Doc2011-10-11 18:17:53

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