Feature Rich Ford Figo Review

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Purchased As     :     New
Fuel Economy     :     15 kpl
Good     :     Smooth Performance, Powerful AC, Bluetooth, Nice Boot space, Good Audio
Bad     :     Dull front look
Full Review
Exterior When I want to upgrade my existing car (Indica Zeta Petrol, I am a die-hard TATA fan with Indian car inclination, my past cars also from TATA) and looking for not so sporty, and at the same time look fashionable, I converged to FIGO due to its external appeal, particularly rear side. Front is not so sharp, but OK.

Interior (Features, Space & Comfort) This area is the best in its segment or class. All features are rich, some not even found in high end sedans!
1. I fell flat for the bluetooth feature. Excellant quality. I feel, Indian Govt. should make it a must for all Cars in view of safety measures.
2. Next comes Built-in Radio-FM-MP3-CD player with rear speakers buil-in rear doors, which is a unique in hatchbacks. Audio output quality is crystal clear and sharp.
3. Enough Boot space, amazing in a hatchback !
4. Rear wiper, Electrically operated Outside Rear View Mirror, Remote Boot open, Defogger, Keyless entry, Immobilizer, Tubeless tyres, foldable handle with coat hook, radio antenna, driver seat height adjustment...the list goes on
Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox: When I test drive, I felt they might have brought Petrol Car !! Smooth, noise less performance except you shift gears suddenly. I had both petrol and diesel cars previously. So far I drove 600 KM that too in city. It gave me 15KMPL. But other FIGO friends saying that they are getting 20-22KMPL. Smooth gear box.
Ride Quality & Handling: Really enjoying every bit and minute of FIGO drive. Sometime creating works to take out FIGO!!
Final Words Not just value, More value for money!!

Areas of improvement Front Look(similar to all other fords) can be still sharper and stylish !!




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BornFree2011-10-29 15:37:24

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Congrats for your new car and you have made an excellent choice.

Since you have shifted from Indica did you find cabin space small in Figo ?

Also the ground clearance of Figo is quite low in Figo than Indica so since you must have been habituated with Indica did you find Figo's ground clearance lower ?

Have you TD Indica Vista Diesel before confirming your purchase ?

Which other hatch you have tested ?

Which vehicle you found as the best alternate option than Figo ?

Which were your final two choices ?

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Thank you Mr.Mehta for your mail and the questions you asked are rightly to be answered for the benefit of other auto enthus.

Right, let me answer your first two questions regarding the cabin space and ground clearance. Yes these are less when compared to Indica. In this area there is no match with Indica or Tata vehicles. That's why my past two are from TATA. But Mehtaji. my kids, the whole family are dead against for another TATA in the garage. I do visited, test driven, TATA VISTA and MANZA to convince these are different, but.... the very front look has not changed much and they still resemble the brand Indica !! I took a great pain in moving away from TATA (which i consider as a national car)

Coming to the other options, after lot of surveys and test drives, I converged to three 1.Figo. 2. Beat and 3. Ritz

Beat came close neck to neck in deciding, but my profession ( I am a principal of a reputed Engineering College in Vizag) beat the BEAT due to its flashy look. Ritz also got the same fate due to its too much flashy back. Otherwise these are almost same with respect to features and pricing. But Figo have the deciding feature "The Blue Tooth"

Hope I answered all your queries and thank you again for asking these questions. I want to share this info to all.


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You have made most logical decision considering your requirement and profession and image.

Have you tried Swift Diesel ? and also did you consider for the Punto Diesel / Micra ? 

To upload pictures first you have to save your pictures on any picture uploading website and than copy the link in your post as below

 link of your photo

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Thank you. Figo ZXI, Diesel. Its initially 15kmpl. After 1000 Km its 17-18.

recently I have gone for a long drive, just to feel the power and test all features which we can not test in city. The engine side is smooth, silent, and power transfer is awesome at 5th gear (80-100KMPH). The audio volume increases at top speeds automatically. I can't observe the rapid decceleration tail lamps, another feature mentioned.

Yes, i know your question ! "Kitna deti hai?" Is'nt it? : 20KMPL !!

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Congratulations alot for buying the New Ford Figo ZXi.

Its a brilliant car to drive, especially for those who know something more than just A--->B driving.

One of my nearest cousin've also bought it in New Delhi & he's also amazed by what the car she is.

Yes' date=' i know your question ! "Kitna deti hai?" Is'nt it? : 20KMPL !![/quote']

That's brilliant & also previously unheard of.

Previously I've heard of 16-18kmpl but 20kmpl+ is Simply EXCELLENT'.

Now eagerly awaiting for the set of pics of your Figo, Dr.Gopinath.

Do post them As soon as possible to brighten this thread page.dr_nishu2011-10-25 13:47:11

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