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Hey Guys!

I have joined the forum today and glad that I hav a huge fraternity here!

So I thought, why not clear some basic concepts from well experienced fraternity.

I wanted to know how the parking brakes work in a car and are they affected when someone tows your car when they are switched on? Which tyres are they fitted on (rear tyres, or front tyres)?

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Parking brakes are basically installed at the rear. It consist of a small brake cylinder(a small U-Shaped cyl.) which allows to hold the back wheels while applying P-Brakes. Also it is not advisable to use parking brakes during rainy season for a long period. If cops tows your car, surely the break pressure will be weekened and it will not be effective from the next time!

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Hi oilburner ,


New variation is electric parking brake....

there are two variants in that,


 first one is traditional cable  pulling type,  in this electric motor pulls the emergency brake cable  rather than a mechanical handle in the cabin.


second one is bit complicated to explain it  uses two computer-controlled motors attached to the rear brake calipers to activate it. 
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