Why some Bad cars overhyped 'n good cars ditch?

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I see a very pecular trend in our market. Some very good cars ditched for no reason and bad cars overhyped.

Take the classic example of i20(* petrol sells more) Vs Punto(Diesel sells more)

Here people flock at i20 and hardly turn for Punto, but the reality is just the opposite. If you consider the following comparison, I dont see the reason why i20 sells over punto.

                                        i20                                       Punto

Model              Going to be discontinued           Will remain long

Engine              Going to be discontinued               Best Engine

Looks                           Good                                    Best

Performance                  OK                                   Awesome in-gear Acc

Handling                        Bad                                     Best

Ride                               OK                                      Best

Interiors                        Best                                  Acceptable

FE                                Pathetic*                               Awesome

VFM                             Costly                                     VFM

Problems                  Bad AC,                                   Small Niggles

                                 Steering Rattle

Possibilty of                     High                                   Low


So the conclusion is Interiors is the only + in i20 and niggles are the only - in punto, still i20 sells 6-7 times more than Punto.

PS- Haven't taken AfSS into account as i20 owners suffers badly in the Hands of Hyundai with the Steering Rattle.

Another car in this list is Etios. It has got everything in it, viz, FE, ToASS, Reliability, Space, VFM, Safety  features on lower variants, powerful, Ride,.. etc 

What it lacks is oomph factor( Both inside 'n outside ) and slightly vocal at high speed, which even its competitors lacks and this car is criticized inside out.

In both Punto & Etios, the No of positives easily outscores its marginal negatives.

creativebala2011-10-22 05:56:53

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Hey same way have a look at the comparo between the new Verna and the Vento or even better,I am yet to understand why Linea T-Jets are not selling being the best enthusiast's car available in the market?

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Success of a car depends mainly on


2.brand value

3.success of previous models of the company,etc

i20 came at a time when Santro owners were looking for an upgrade while previous Fiat owners had only bad memories.i10 and i20 are successful only due the goodwill earned by Santro.But both these cars don't give similar levels of satisfaction of that of a Santro and that will affect Hyundai's future sales.

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Most people buying cars are influenced by family and friends not auto journalists.

Most of the auto magazines in India are biased as they are dependent on advertisement income from auto companies so no use with them either.Watch Overdrive show,they are hell bent on promoting Toyotas.Sirish Chandran have stooped to such a level that he claims Etios have the best build quality in it's segment.

Other source of information is Forum's like TeamBHP and ours.Our forum don't have much participation and don't get much viewers.

TeamBhp,owned by a crook called Rush Parekh on the other hand have created a big aura of being impartial.Actually it is not as good as it looks from outside.It has a lot of PR guys as it's members and they advertise in form of good reviews and give negative feed backs about rival companies.

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Sirish Chandran have stooped to such a level that he claims Etios have the best build quality in it's segment. 

BQ necessarily does not mean strong body panels' date=' My Uncle owns a Etios and on the day of purchase after pooja, he pressed acc instead to stop and landed on a Park bench.

Guess what happen? Nothing much, bumpers went in slightly which were easily pushed back and slight scratches. The highlight here was, not even 1 plastic clips fell. If the same was a Swift, the full bumper might get replaced.


Fiat is very reliable, especially the Diesel variant. Not without a reason Swift, SX4, Vista, Manza, Linea, Punto,... all having the same engine.

A classic example for Fiat's reliability.

A tour by our ex-member, J.Ravi in his Linea P, am sure Diesel is better than petrol.

Some excerpts from his thread on another forum,

7849.8 km

19 days [9 - 27 September 2011]


2 occupants [Myself and my wife].........................................

I did not pay any toll on the wretched stretches of North-South Corridor or Srinagar to Leh. But, my Linea did.icon_eek.gif She

lost one of the four mud flaps in the former and the remaining at the

latter due to more than 50 severe underbody hits she was subjected to.

Her rear right stop light was also burnt out at Leh. Other than these,

she did not trouble me at all. No punctures, no clutch failure, no brake



I know posting threads from competing forum is forbidden, but he was ONE AMONGST US till recently and also have a look at his thread, its as good as visiting LEH. So please let this link be seen here.

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Another under-estimated car is Mahindra Verito(or previously called Renault Logan).

Its having everything right from its Brilliant Engine, Comfort, Power, Safety, Magical FE & more than adequate looks or In short alot better than Etios in every front but still its under-hyped in our Market.

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This actually brings me to an older discussion on this forum about "MSIL losing its dominance"....

India even today has more of Emotional buyers than sensible buyers..

So long as this does not change (And i dont see it changing at least in the next 10-15 yrs, after which there will be no more cars anyway) people continue to buy based on emotions and 3rd party opinions.

we still use our car as goods vehicles more than comfort carriers.

I know a person (Very close to me) who recently bought the new verna(Petrol) ,I had constantly suggested fiesta but NO... others opinion matters the most.. Fiesta is a driver's car that verna just isnt.. Its too soft , weak suspension for the power it has, handling nightmare.

So we dont really know what to look for in a car when we buy and thats the ignorance that we proudly flaunt and the manufacturers en-cash on that ...

Here people dont want to learn new things and try out new things.. we are very satisfied with accepting things the way its given to us.

PS:: Btw I have a Punto ;) ( So dont flame me)

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New Swift got more than 1lk booking because your definition of good car and that of others is different.

Etios build quality is too good that people have wear raincoats to drive it in monsoon season.

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WHY FIAT down Vis-a-vis Hundai

1. Indian Customers are much of conventional They have more faith in Word Of Mouth rather than personal exp.

2. FIAT name is attached with once failed Palio - It was launched In India Sachin as Brand Ambassador in 1990s but later failed to provide service to customers.

3. FIAT is still secondary for TATA people. U go to Tata show room u will feel same, its treated as second fiddle.

4. Lack of well qualified engineer at service point.

Despite of these all odds I am also going to have Punto in Dec 2011. Common India its one of the best tech in Engine try it, With same engine (FIAT) Swift is riding high In India....Once FIAT increases service point and boost customer confidence that This time they are going to stay here .... Hundai and POLO will have to think.....

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I think there are two kinds of car buyers in Indian Market.


1 - who wants a reliable, low maintenance, easy on pocket and TRUSTED car

2 - who wants an out of the crowd, distinct looking character, and BRAND name when they drove-in in their cars.


so in case 1, people will surely go for Maruti, Hyundai cars whereas in case 2, people will go for Honda, VW, Skoda etc brands.


So I think this is the reason that so many good cars are not selling in good numbers.


Just my view...!
Sstar2011-10-31 13:11:24

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