Honda City 'S' joins the turf..

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Honda City is the car that always represented our group of friends,it was the car that accompanied us everywhere as well as got us the inter-school basket ball championship trophy too,but what was our hard luck that we lost the car in an accident and we still praise it for keeping all of us alive and enjoying today same as we used to do before.

Honda guys:"Sir this car can be repaired although it has lost many of its panels,all doors will be replaced due to overturning and many more exterior repairs but the engine,suspension etc are still okay and we can get this car back in a mint position after you spend some lacs on it just get us the insurance bonds etc:.

I:"Get the car repaired".

My friend:"I loved my car but now I want to sell it off,don't know why but now I want to sell it...nothing else".

Two weeks later:-

Friend:"I want a car for me,as good as the City".

I:"Only a City can replace a City and I have one in my knowledge as the owner wants to sell it because he has bought something really big".

Friend's father:"Then let's have a look at the car,will it be available at an asking price"?

We had a look at the car and bought it within 20 minuted of looking at the car and hearing the price without any bargain etc..

1)The car is a Feb 2011 Honda City 'S' variant with 10.6 lacs on-road price at that time.

2)It had done only 16k kms at the time of buying.

3)The plastic covers were still on the seats so we got really untouched and clean interiors.

4)Although there were some small dents but not even a single bigger one.

5)ONLY 5.8 lacs for such a car,after we heard this we all were dumbstruck and after a small discussion with uncle I paid the guy 1.4 lacs which I had bought as an advance( off course this was later paid back to me),here is the conversation:-

Owner:"Only one price 5.8 lacs,no bargain,if you want then take the car else leave it".

I:"How much should we pay right now"?

Uncle:"We will pay all by tomorrow's morning".

Owner:"If anyone else comes till then,then I'll be giving the car to him".

I:"Just keep this money with you and rest you will be paid tomorrow morning as banks are now closed".

Owner:"Okay Mr. Chaudhary,take the car,I believe you".

Then the car made a small trip to Haridwar,here are some pics:-


The side view..


At Chilla dam,Haridwar.


The way..


Serious performance testing.


Again performance testing,this time we managed to get 175 kph but suddenly a truck in front changed the lane due to which we were forced to brake.


Me,the serious driver..LOL..seat belts not tied up,dunno why but I never buckle up while driving with A/C off.Also it was the narrow upper-ganga canal road so it needed quite much use of hand indicators too,so it was really uncomfy with seat belts tied up.


At Chilla dam..

MORE IMAGES TO FOLLOW LATER..TSiVipul2011-10-26 03:35:36

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Well,thanks friends.The car is really as good as a new one and with only 16k on odo at the time of buying,we couldn't have really found anything better than this car at the price and considering that the car is still under warranty.

The car is being used for small as well as inter-city journeys and is keeping us really happy.

Only thing missing is those good wide Civic alloys and tyres but since my friend is now partially out of cash so that will be done later.

Rest the car is covering about 100-120 kms daily and delivering 15+ kpl overall without any issue detected till now.

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Here are some more pics of the car:

The front:


The rear,have a look at the broken tai lamp on left:


The broken tail-lamp:


Steel rim eats up the looks..


Interiors are still as good as new:



Even the owner(friend's elder brother) too deserve a snap:


THE CAR IS FULL OF DENTS TOO,JUST HAVE A LOOK.Actually the car has got a bit too much careless treatment as compared to its life and mileage:-


Have a look at the plastic covers on the seats:


The soft touch(rubber/leather type thing)too got some hurt:




20111027_150538_13.JPGTSiVipul2011-10-27 15:05:43

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What the hell is the shape of that antenna?

It may be stuck some branch of tree. Sometimes trees are low and we park under them. We don't even notice that.

So this may be happened due to that. My guess though.

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Is it possible for the cover to cause such a shape of antenna(actually our friends take this shape to something else) as we have seen some cars with this type of antenna and owner of one such car told us that this is due to the cover.

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It is wrong to put the body cover over such antenna.  It is suggested that the

antenna should be unscrewed and then the body cover should be used. 

Some body covers (specially designed for specific models) usually have a

suitable slot/hole so that the body cover can be used even without removing

the antenna. 

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Congratulations alot Vipul for your friend's new acquisition & your first hand experience on it.

Petrol cars though more Reliable, user friendly & driveable than Diesels are getting the worst treatment these days, thanks to the infinitely rising deregulated Petrol prices.

Recently I gotta chance to visit used car market & seen there Brilliant Honda, Maruti Suzuki cars with a Worst, dirt-cheap price tags.

Anyways, you got a good car at a brilliant price.

O.T: On a lighter note, Nice to see you in the Speedking unmasked, with whom we ACI-ians were conversating from last few months.

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Congrats on the new car.

I must ask though, how many more accidents and close shaves with death will it take before you stop doing [/]ridiculous things like not only driving but photographing yourself at extremely high and nonsensical speeds.

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@Dr Nishu:

Thanks a lot,just visit me once and we both will enjoy the City together.

You are absolutely right that petrol prices have now a days eclipsed some really great cars.


Thanks for your concern,although some may feel your words harsh but I can feel some care in your words.

Actually you need to have a look at the interiors pic and in the same you will see just 60 kph.Because my speed varies with the traffic and now I have simply stopped racing at all.

Actually I even now do such speeds(recently done 200 in my Laura,185 in the same City,180 in the Corolla,150 in my Innova,150 in my i10 and 170 in my friend's polo 1.6.So when are you getting your car in my hands?)But these are seldom done only in daytime now and when I see really empty stretches with not even a single vehicle visible and this you can easily find on the highway between Meerut and Muzaffarnagar.

The pics are not taken by me,my friend did this for me.i know that these pics may be complained as promotion of reckless driving but my objective is to just show that the car is really working the way it should.

Still thanks for your concern.

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Give your car for a detailing job in a professional detailing centre. The dents and scratches are prominent, but can be treated away without painting. You can DIY these things also.

Some harsh words from my side too smiley1.gif

You should have re-sized the pics. With thousand plus post, I did not expect that from you.

Secondly, stop doing high speeds. I can assure you that there is immense pleasure in cruising at speeds of 70kmph and enjoying highways. Try it. You will save yourself, fuels and the cars.

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Currently the car may not go to any detailing center as it is daily making as long as 150 kms long running from Meerut to Noida(and local commutes too).But still,any day if we will be free for at least 2 days then the car will be given for touching.

Actually I have resized the pics as the ones above but it was a fatal mistake of mine that the size was still larger than what it should be.

Sorry,the same mistake won't be repeated any more.

About high speeds:-

Sir,its not me who want to kill my cars or myself in road accidents whats the problem is that if you are in a business then you are always out of time.I too want my cars to run good and well maintained but for running those cars I need money and to earn that money we have to run fast and then faster and for being on time I have to speed up.

Firstly I too used to think that my uncles etc are rash and drive very fast but as soon as I joined my father I too understood that for being on-time,I have to be off-the speed limits.You can verify my point,just go to the highway and you will find most of the owner driven big cars(like Corolla,Civic,Mercs,Accord,Laura etc)running at mad speeds with a good suited-booted owner sitting inside.

Its many times that I am informed at 12 noon that I have to be at Jaipur after 6 hours which is simply impossible,but still my work is to try my best,rest is Gods will.

If I have my death on road,then it will come and i'll die,nothing can happen more than that and that's all.

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Hello friends:

Yesterday evening we friends were going to play basket ball(bad luck is that still I can't play it in a hardcore manner) with me driving,then at the time I started driving I had to apply brakes and what I found was that the braking was like very light brakes are applied(like the ABS behaves in rains or wet roads)so I pressed thd pedal hard and then suddenly very high braking took place.When asked the friend then he told me that he had just washed the car and sprayed some water on rims too.

This was sometimes observed by me in the older City too.

Why is it so?Maybe due to sensors getting wet.But why in City only?

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Some harsh words from my side too smiley1.gif

You should have re-sized the pics. With thousand plus post' date=' I did not expect that from you.


I repeat. Please resize before posting. At least to 800x600 if 640x480 is too small. Viewing such photos is an eyesore.

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