chevrolet optra 2.0 diesel

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Firstly,welcome to the forum.

Chevrolet Optra Magnum,hmmmm..actually that is one of my hot favorites and if you have shortlisted one for you,then congrats for making such a wonderful choice.

Although I don't have an Optra,but still I have experienced the car for about 2-3 thousand kms and here is my experience:-

Power is the second name of Optra Magnum(only 2.0),if you love that spike of power on 2k rpm,then nothing comes close,the way the car acts once its turbo comes alive is enough to give you the experience of a tsunami of power pushing you back,in fact the raw power this car delivers can outrun even a Cruze when it comes to experience.

What I have felt about the car are as follows:-

1)Interior quality isn't as good as expected but is still quite acceptable.

2)Solid built cabin has a built to last feeling.

3)Decent space(a small living room it may be)but the car is strictly a four seater if you are going for a long journey,why?Because the rear seat is a bit hard at the middle.

4)Ride is simply awesome and it eats up bad roads but not even a single bump reaches you.

5)If the car has 120 bhp then it acts like it has,really it requires very very less gearshifts(I am serious about it)and if you can press the clutch a bit then you can cross the whole city in second or third gear without even once touching the gear lever.

6)The SUVish torque can pull the car anywhere,you won't believe but the car we took ate up total srinagar garhwal-badrinath route without getting stressed even once,while most of the time we drove in third.

7)There is quite bodu roll and the handling is not as good as,you may say a Linea or a Fiesta or even a Corolla Altis D-4D or SX4 but still its far better than a Verna and you get a quite satusfying steering response,only the steering isn't that much quick but still the high speed manners are good.

8)The brakes and suspension both are very impressive,we did about 180 kph many times in the Optra and every time we felt that ride quality is fabulous with the car being planted(ignore steering response,which can never be enthusiastic)at all speeds and the brakes biting enough to shred that speed within very impressive limits.

9)With all the above mentioned facts the car returns a decent,in fact more than decent FE of 12-14 in city and 17-19 on Highways.

10)Maintenance is quite on a higher side but no issue if you get the three year promise.

For more information(although its against forum rules,but for the sake of knowledge),go to the following links:-

Verna vs Optra Magnum vs Cruze.

Optra Magnum ownership report

User reviews on optra magnumTSiVipul2011-10-27 02:29:56

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thanks vipul due to the waiting period in most of the sedans i have bottled dwn to fiesta titanium with its new features and optra magnum.after td the fiesta feels a bit low underpowered but excellent driving and handling exp whereas the optra is full of power and i feel its a better option for highway driving than city drivers

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Fiesta is the perfect choice if you drive yourself,in fact its leagues ahead the competition(it even eclipses my Laura TSI)in terms of driving dynamics and is always fun to drive.

If you hasn't test drove a Fiesta till now then let me tell you that don't get fooled by reading the stats written on paper,the Fiesta feels and behaves like a far more powerful car and can go anywhere in India.

While Optra Magnum greets you with some raw power and is always fun-to-accelerate.Its great on highways and overtaking on highways is just effortless.

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