Need a Car so your advice...esp AutoCar Gurus...

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Automatic ARIA is on the cards for near launch' date=' you may consider it if your wife can drive it.

Its diesel, its an SUV and it's an Auto..[/quote']

10+L for a Tata product? smiley5.gif I personally, it is not worth it. I would rather, go for Mahindra, sorry, no offence intended. This is my personal opinion.

Currently, trying to value the SX4. Lets see, what kind of smiley28.gif I am going to get.

Might as well try to do some valuation in Toyota.

Gurgaonites out there...who is a professional dealer for Toyota in Gurgaon. Pls guide as well.

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A personal opinion is not to valuate a car at True value or First choice. They will try to rip you off and give promises for your next buy. Try to sell it off as an individual, you will find lots of takers for the price you want. These certified car outlets decreases valuation intentionally and by giving silly reasons.

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So what did you finally do ?


I did a forum search for an automatic and your thread was one of the results , cant make out though what did you finally settle for?


How much did the SX4 Auto go for?

What did you finally get yourself ? Scorpio Auto or the two car deal?


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