Car sent for service came back as scrap?


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I sent my car for servicing,got this back
20-yr-old had sent his Hyundai i20 to Jogeshwari service station,it came back completely burnt
When TYBMM student Kinshuk Vaidya got a call from Shreenath Motors to whom he had given his Hyundai i20 for servicing on November 12,he expected to be asked to collect his car.Instead,he was told that his two-year-old car had got completely burnt down in an accidental fire at the service centre.
The staff at Jogeshwaris Shreenath Motors told Vaidya the car caught fire while being serviced,due to unknown reasons.The 20-year-old says the car was gifted to him by his father at that time it cost Rs 7 lakh and was in good condition.There was no apparent reason for it to erupt into flames.
My car was well-maintained, said Vaidya,who acted in the popular childrens television series Shakalaka Boom Boom.He added that he had given the car for a routine servicing.Besides,the fuel gauge was not working properly and the clutch pedal was getting stuck, he said.
Shreenath Motors Pvt Ltd in Jogeshwari (W) is an authorised dealer of Hyundai cars.Vaidya had given his car for servicing on November 11 and was to get it back the next day.
An officer from the Oshiwara Police Station,where an FIR has been registered,said,We got a call on Friday evening from the fire brigade informing us about the incident.We reached the spot and made a panchnama.Investigations havent revealed the cause of the incident. The complaint,for now,hasnt been registered against anyone in particular.
Vaidya was told of the fire only the next day,18 hours after his car had burnt down.
The manager of the service centre Waseem Mukkadam said,I cant comment on the issue till police complete investigations.
An employee said,The service station has been shut for the past four days,due to a short circuit in the cable wires.
Vaidya said,We are in talks with the service centre and negotiations are on.However,the least I expect of the company is to own up to the incident and replace the car with a new one,since the incident took place at their service station.
Cops were told of the accident by the fire brigade which had been called by the service station.Vaidya was informed 18 hours later

Source: Mumbai Mirror 17/11/2011




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BornFree2011-11-17 17:12:33
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I think the cause of accident can tell us whose fault was it . Still if I were Hyundai I would pay the rest of money after insurance to give a new car to the customer because a fire @ service centre is the responsibility of Hyundai (they don't cover any accessory fitment when you sign the service card so if an accessory caused the fire its owners fault).

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This is the third such episode I came across.

Cars burnt in Authorised and Dealer owned service stations.


In the previous two situations, the Company or the Dealer have given a similar

model to the owners soon after the insurance issues are settled.   


So, I think even in this case too, the owner will get a replacement car.

Of course, not with the same sentimental attachment (... father's gift...).

But nonetheless, he will get a similar model car, most probably.

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