Size of SD card for Pioneer DEH-6390SD

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Hi everybody,

I've just joined the Autocar India Forum.

I need some information about the SD card for Pioneer's DEH-6390SD head unit - one aspect not mentioned anywhere in

the manual :

Will a 32GB SD card play mp3 songs error-free, even when fully loaded?  What will be the start-up delay when fully loaded? 

What class of 32GB SD card should I purchase?  Class 2, 4, 6 or 10?  I will store only mp3 music files and don't want overkill!

Will a normal size card work as well as a Micro SD with an adapter?

I read on a UK forum that a 32GB card takes up to 2 minutes to start,

even if you switch sources.  Is this true? 

If the above is true, which size of card do you suggest that starts within a couple of seconds?


is the optimum size of USB pendrive that you would suggest, that gives

near-instant startup?  I use an 8GB presently and it works with just a

few seconds delay, even fully loaded.


will not believe this, but any query sent in to the Pioneer India

website is never answered.  You have to register, enter your complaint

and when you press Submit, the whole thing turns into a fresh blank

page. God alone knows why they have the website at

all.  The local people have no knowledge about anything!

I hope someone will reply my queries to enable me

utilize the unit to its fullest! 




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Dear Clyde,

Most of what you said was true, in some sense, to say the least.

Remember that auto media players are not computers.  Neither their

processing power is high.  So, technically, they can play any media

right from 32MB to 32GB.  But, the practicality of it's use says that

it is ideal to use either a 8 or 16GB cards/USB Drives.  And, like

any media, avoid filling the entire storage space available.  Ideally, one

should have a clear headroom of about 20% (it is a thumbrule; no laws).

Do not spend a fortune on high-speed media as any media is equally good

for playing simple mp3 songs on a player.  You need such high-speed media

only on high-megapixel cameras which shoot and store snaps in large file

sizes at a rapid rate or in burst mode.  Simple auto media players do not

need that sort of media.   Moreover, it is good to have more than one

card/USB Drive so that you can segregate your music files.  After all, they do

not occupy a lot of space.  Moreover, if a 32GB card fails, you will lose your

entire collection.  Like the old adage says, do not keep all your eggs in one

basket.  OK ?  All the best.
rameshbabu.n2011-11-18 06:46:02

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Dear Ramesh,

Thanks a million for your detailed explanation.  32GB cards are frightfully expensive, and I don't need overkill!

It is nice to know that there are so many knowledgeable people willing to help!

Warmest regards,


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