DIY - Cleaning Lens Of Pionner 2950 HU

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DIY (Do it yourself) job to clean the lens of Pioneer DEH 2950MP cd player. ) Car in question is Alto

Things to keep in mind

1. This is a risky process and involves fair amount of risk of HU damage or total malfunction of the device.

2. I am not to be held responsible for any amiss if anyone tries this and end in a mess. If you cannot do it, take help of professional ICE wala.

3. Make sure you do a fair amount of study, of how to open HU and how to dismount HU from the dash board. Not all HU come out easy and smooth. Also make sure that you have all tools handy.

The idea

How do we clean the lens of our HU ? Use a cd type cleaner with brushes right? Yes, I used to do the same until I hit upon writing from professional ICE people that the above process can be catastrophic. Not only it damages the lens, but also causes electrical fault, resulting in your HU showing some error message.

I kept on searching for ways to clean it, asked a few Accessories dealer, but no luck. Then I came to know from another forum that we can open the HU and clean the lens with isopropyl alcohol and ear buds.

Great idea, but nobody is courageous enough to try it out, in fear of screwing the HU and wasting the entire money. My HU is bought from Grey market, and costs Rs 3.5k. Moreover it is now 4 years old. So I wanted to try it out, risking everything. If I end up in total damage, then I always have JBL GTX333 @Rs2990 to save my day.

The work( check out the step-by-step photos with headings)

Things you need

1. Doctors spirit (isopropyl alcohol) Rs 25.

2. + head screw driver

3. A very soft cloth.

4. Spoons with thin handle


Total cost of DIY : Rs 25

The HU with the panel removed. Push the panel eject button to remove the HU panel.


Now to completely take out the HU, open the two screws as mentioned in the photo below.


Now remove the lower portion below the Air con controls. The lower casing


Remove the HU support ring, pull it out. This is easy


Now remove the four screws, around the 2 DIN space of the HU and the lower space. The screws are marked in writing.


With the screw opened, you can easily pull out the entire casing, along with HU.


Now you need to free the HU by unscrewing the two screws that holds the HU with the metal frame. The two screws are marked in the pics below.



Now open the HU harness and the radio antenna. The harness can be pulled out and so does the radio antenna point.


The HU and frame completely removed.


The HU now removed and separated from the frame


Put back all things that you opened. The reverse system will do. This is how it looks with HU removed.


The HU at home, to be opened.


To clean the lens, you need to open the top casing of the HU. This can be achieved by removing the plastic casing which houses the CD door and the brass points of the attaching panel. The portion which houses the stickers is the bottom portion.


Now, to open the front plastic casing, click the locking arms with a spoon handle end.


The front plastic housing removed.


Pull open the top part of the HU. You can see the rotor motor that spins the CD. The first pic to show how to open the top metal lid. Be careful, not to cut your fingers.


Now comes the complex part. On the first sight, you cannot find the lens. Natural, as the lens is hiding below the rotor (held by a brass pin). The lens is housed below the part marked in the pic below as "LENS TRAY HERE". With a small refill (of pen), or the spoon handle end, you can slide the lens holder towards the hole marked as" LENS ACCESS HOLE".


Now, the general advice is to clean the lens with an ear bud, dipped in doctors spirit. But buds have lots of cotton flakes which can remain when buds are wet. Moreover the HU has a lot of sharp edges and that can pull off some more flakes. So I decided to give the buds a miss. Rather I used a mobile charger pin covered with a very soft cotton cloth.



This is how the lens peeks out of the LENS ACCESS HOLE.


Dip the pointed end of the cloth covered pin in doctors spirit.


In a circular motion and gentle or no pressure at all, rub the top of the lens with the moist cloth.


Check out the two, black spots which are dirt that came out of the lens top.


After the lens is cleaned, put all covers on the HU and the plastic covers as well. Clean the HU outer surface with Colin or Clean Mate.


Every process reversed will allow you to fit the HU back and should not be a tough job, since you have already undertaken the pain to open it.


1. Clarity has improved.

2. CD reads super quick.

3. A chance to clean the HU thoroughly.

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It seems no one is interested in DIY here.

Ok, here is another one in progress. Damping the boot lid of Alto. Will be completed by tomorrow.

Things needed :

1. 2mm thick rexine mat. Rs50

2. Industrial gum Rs30

3. Scissors.

4. Pen

Cost of DIY : Rs 80

Posting the pictures first.









Watch this space for updates.

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Very good detail explained sb.

& Thanks for sharing the info.

My Alto's Sony Xplod CD/MP3 have already started giving troubles. Though its Lens is perfectly working, but its CD Eject/receiving sensor is malfunctioning now.

Even after ejecting the CD, its Eject motor still remains ON & doesn't allows its further entrance.

Got it rectified once from Local Electronics shop, it worked fine till 2-3 months but later on it've started showing the same.

Now exploring the options about what or what not to do now !!

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@bala :

That rear board on the door, is fitted with push keys. So anything thick will not allow fitment. So I opted for rexine mat. Also, the rear has thread surface which aids sticking.

Also it seems a problem with loose suspension of the setup inside. If you can open it, you might find a loose spring. Tightening it up might solve the problem.



Does it come out at any time ? or it does not come out at all ?

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.Does it come out at any time ? or it does not come out at all ?

Nothing happens by itself but its Eject motor continues to Spin continuously when the Eject button is pressed or CD is inserted once.

CD reading & Media playing is as usual, of Super-fine quality.

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@sb_alto: I used to do this in my M800; but it was far easier than what you do, I had a slot which allowed removal of the HU for safe keeping, after that the rest was child's play. In my Elantra I have never done this and CD's are playing quiet clear and its the cassette's that sound off color after some 6 years (who uses cassete's these days), what I sorely miss is an AUX/USB in port, the FM transmitter is better avoided (the Cell phones FM transmitter or the stand alone) they sound crude.Durango Dude2011-12-05 06:18:51

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There are DIY adding USB as well. But that requires understanding and fair bit of courage to open up that equipment. Now I would not advice to open it, unless you are sure about the knowhow.

I guess, Elantra has a two din system integrated in that fake wood dash, and the Head Unit is NOT of any special design. So it should be easy fitting a single din HU like JBL GTX333(Rs 2990- USB and aux only) and cover the space below. Also you can sell off that part in the market and make some money, as Elantra spares are rare these days. smiley1.gif

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