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Tire shredded , needed immediate advice pls

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Hi all,

Just today I noticed that a small portion of my left front tire had been shredded .I dont know how it happened as i cannot remember bumping into anything in the near past.

The only thing i can think of is I use Armorall tire foam. If unfortunately the foam has eaten up the rubber then I'm ready to raise a complaint...

But before that can you guys pls advice if its still safe or not using this tire.

I used my tire thread depth gauge to see how deep the cuts were and its about 0.8mm(shallowest) - 1.3mm(deepest).

PS:: I hope i have not lost a tire.

Here are some pics of it...

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Don't worry dear,there is nothing gone wrong till this time.

If you have doubts on the foam thing,then just throw it away.Just get the tyre once examined and check out if the problem further increases,till then take care of your driving habits and tyre pressure etc.

I never use tyre foams and my tyres work quite well.

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I don't know how it might affect warranty, Many owners don't get much more than 40K. Over 60K already, But I rotate, maintain correct pressures and inspect them often, It is on there pretty tight, but pressure in the tire was a bit low.

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