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I want to buy a 150 cc bike and have zeroed in on yamaha sz-r and hero impulse. I will be driving in the city (pune) mainly for commuting from home-my kid's school-office. I liked the handling of yamaha, but the overall package of impulse (especially the looks) are promising.


Please advice me

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You haven't mentioned your budget but anyway below are are suggetions.


TVSApache - if looking for ride and handling

Honda Unicorn / Hero Glamour - if looking for sheer comfort and refinement

Bajaj Pulsar - Good overall package but it's new avatar is expected soon.


Impulse: from what i have heard on various forums is that it's got excellent ride quality and stability. but being an on/off roader, it's looks are subjective. also it being a new launch not too much has been confirmed about it's fuel efficiency. But yes, definitely looks a very good package.


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Impulse can never be your choice as it has the worst seat comfort for kids( its too tall, you need to fix a ladder for your kid to climb) and a bad seat for pillion.


For a family man, Impulse should never be on his radar. Choose the Yamaha.

The other choice could be Unicorn, for its best seat comfort.

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Hey guys,

a friend wants to buy a 150 cc bike

his main concerns are mileage(around 50 or more),power and smoothness of the bike

he has a habit of turning the throttle at the sight of open road but not always

so he prefers to rev the bike at times

average riding speed would be 60-70 and higher if he gets a chance

so can he expect decent mileage at that speed from these 2 bikes that he has short-listed

the honda dazzler and the honda unicorn

i heard a lot about the new dazzler

is it really that good

or do you suggest a different bike all together keeping power,speed,mileage and smoothness into mind(no hard feelings but no pulsars please)

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@nand & amit;

Avoid Dazzler.

Instead you can go for Yamaha SZ series of bikes. Its a Sensibly loaded bike with Good looks, Decent Power & fuel efficient engine.

No Pulsar but still I insist you/your friend to wait for All-New Pulsars going to be unveiled soon in Jan2012.

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