Reserve fuel capacity in Hyundai accent

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Hyundai Accent is NOT A BIKE.

So, forget about the concept of

`reserve' in the fuel tank of a car.

Usually, the fuel indicating dials

have a red mark (closer to `E') to

indicate that you need to tank up.

You should avoid driving any car

till it dries up totally. OK ?

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You have enough indications in the Accent eg, Distance to empty and the low fuel warning light. Take these as indications and then tank up. site will help but it's at best indicative. After the distance to empty light comes on you can drive an Accent for around 50 kms, that's from my personal experience of having owned one for 6 years. there will roughly 10-15 litr of fuel left in the 45 liter tank for your info: all this from personal experience. Things can change depending on traffic/road conditions.Durango Dude2011-12-08 12:11:31

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Thanks for the reply. Information by Durango Dude was really helpful and that is what I was looking for. Basically, by reserve capacity I meant fuel left in the tank when LOW FUEL indicator lights up. I will check the above site for more inputs on this. Thanks again for the replies- Vinay

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