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Automotive and DIY tools thread.

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I am in the look out for good quality tools. Reading around gave me a lot of ideas and confidence to do things, for which I need not visit a mechanic. But without the tools I will end up nowhere. So I set out in search of tools today.

Morning was spent in Chandni Bazar, where most of the tools are cheap and raw. They look ok, but I am unsure of quality. The second problem was no specific car tool kit available. There were tools of all shapes and sizes, but I was unsure of which one to pick that would serve all purpose. I did not want to buy all and keep most unused. So decided to give it a miss.

My next stop was a retail store which houses most reputed brands, like STANLEY, BLACK &DECKER, BOSCH, and PowerMAXX. I found a lot of interesting tools. Still did not buy any but made up my mind on which one to go for. I hope this interests all you people.

Tow cable


12 pcs MP tool kit with box


11 pcs MP tool kit with box


Stanley Multi head Screw driver


16 pcs MP tool kit with bag


Foot pump


Black and Decker LED lights


Black and decker tools



Stanley Wrench kit


Stanley spanners


Stanley tool box


Stanley tools


Bosch tools


Bosch Aquatac car washing machine


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Stanley and B&D are one and the same...they merged a while back.  There isn't a lot you can do by yourself except tighten some things if they are loose. Your choice of tools will cover that nicely and keep your purchase cost down.

To ensure a better quality tool, make sure they are guaranteed for life.

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I have a car which is surprisingly easy to strip down or assemble with normal tools. I was on the look out for DIY tools which will only suffice easy to do work. It will not involve complex operations.

BTW I have selected the wrench kit, spanners of two sets, a multihead screw driver and a tow rope as of now.

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