no more annual road tax,SHOCK

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I recently went to the bangalore RTO to renew my road tax and was in for a nasty shock ...

Apparently our able govt has scrapped that feature

And henceforth psu folks and other a pay lifetime tax.

What's most horrible is that there has been no announcement about this and I was left stranded.

This is simply hopeless on the part of govt to change things randomly and not let the citizens know.

But I guess is Indians are anyway uses to such hopeless responses to care too much ...

I just thought guys here should know about this ,hopefully you can be better equipped to handle this .

Now though im more dissatisfied. I guess it will just keep adding.

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In '99 when I got my Accent I was given a choice and I opted for the annual route and profited. I think the one time tax has been in vogue ever since, didn't you know? Do you have an old car for which you have been paying annual tax?Durango Dude2011-12-25 06:13:54

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