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Auto Expo 2012- tickets?

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With the Auto Expo 2012 around the corner what are your plans.

Well I have fixed mine for sure !

Have bought my travel tickets to Delhi.

But what about the Tickets to the Expo?

The promoters have restricted the number of visitors to One Lakh only per Day. Again sub categorized then as Premium and General. And only from 7th to 11th Jan for all with 5th and 6th reserved for press and business participants.

Ticket prices are as follows:

Premium 25,000 per day and Ticket priced Rs.500/-

General 75,000 per day and Ticket priced Rs.150/-

On Sunday only general crowd - Rs.200/-.

Well.... they are available only online through 'Book My Show'. So hurry!

I have already booked mine for Sunday and again on Monday. Now eager to visit the show.

Will bring you loads of pictures for sure..........

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I would have gone for the Expo this year but since I went in last year the novelty factor has worn off for me and also in 2010 there wasn't enough space for organisor or visitors . I think that the expo needs a better and more spacious space rather than Pragati Maidan .


To the people who are going to the expo

1) Be the first one (go very early). The crowd is scarce and the companies explain the product nicely.

2) 1 day is less for detailed analysis (I mean going in to see each and every techi part).

3) Don't buy the black tickets (we found black ticketers @ metro station ). There tickets are not valid inside and if you get caught then you will be in trouble.

4) Out stationer reach Delhi a day before because due to fog train are delayed by atleast 6 hours so if your train reaches @ 9 am then you will miss the expo .

5) Do push or get into arguments with other people even if its not your mistake say sorry (They are mostly pick pocketers that push ).


Have fun and take a charged up Digi cam but don't waste too many pics at a stall cause there are many stalls to click pictures and watch the battery levels.

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Many Automakers are refraining to launch new products at the expo rather they'll launch it individually during the course of next year. For Eg. Mahindra and many others.

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