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Alto K10 ICE (20k for now, future upgrades open)

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Hii guys,

Just got my alto k10 superior white, with help from this forum also. Thank you guys for your valuable suggestions.

Now, for my darling, I want good sounding ICE. For now, my budget is 15k, stretchable to 20k, for HU and front 6.5" compos only. I plan to add an amp and rear coaxials (no sub) later.

1. Am I going in the right direction with this setup ?

2. Is it safe to install 6.5" compos on the door pad of an alto k10 ?

3. And will my initial setup with only front compos sound decent ?

4. For HU, I am considering alpine or kenwood. Any idea on their pricing ?

5. Suggestions for good 6.5 inchers. Checked with one shop today here in Coimbatore. Prices for compos quoted by him: Kicker ES65.2 - 6.5k, Auditor rip - 5k

For HU's : alpine 103bt - 13k, alpine 125ebt - 12.5k, kenwood 549bt - 9k

How's MTX brand. He showed me a pair of MTX RTC 693 6x9 rear speakers, they were for 5k.

Please bear with so many questions. I don't want to go wrong with the music in my car.

Help needed gurus.

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@ driftpunk

Thanks for such a quick reply. I have already checked your thread, nice alloys you've got for your k10.

But for HU, I want only single DIN, as Double DINs are expensive for the same kind of features. I want a good sounding system, with no expensive fancy stuff.

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I would suggest a Pioneer System. Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony all are almost the same. Minor differences. My personal preference is Pioneer as it enables you steering mounted remote controls. Looks good. Costs around 900 bucks. Here is a screenshot:





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