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So guys, I went to Auto Expo 2012 held at pragati maidan, Delhi today and what mentioned below is my impression of various manufacturers that took part in Auto Expo

  • Maruti
There was a prototype named XA alpha which draw most of the audience along with new Ertiga MPV which looked more like stretched Swift, had interiors of swift, had engines of swift, but I know it will sell like hot cake, though no disclosure on pricing yet. Besides that nothing was exiting except few models(yes, I am talking about female models)

  • Hyundai
The biggest space that any manufacture had in auto expo to showcase their cars was undoubtly Hyundai. It was a mix blend of old and new models. The cars on display were all the existing models, and some new models like new sonata (very promising), new elentra (verry promising), concept car hexa space(oddly designed) and some sexy looking concept hatchback (sorry i forgot its name)

  • Renault
The new cars that were showcased in Renault stable were new Duster,new pulse hatchback (more like JUDWAA of micra), and fully electric concept sports carĀ  named Dezir which gave us a hint how future sports car would look like, very very promising. Else all were existing models which I didn't paid any attention.

  • Honda
I got only one word for this. DISSAPOINTMENT. It felt like Honda took part in Auto-expo just to do two things, first, display new Honda City (didn't feel or noticed anything new about it) and second, to do marketing of Brio. To get the picture, there were 5 brios on display, 1 civic, 1 accord and 1 ANHC. I felt like I was in a showroom more than being in Auto expo.

More to come...............

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This year's Auto Expo is a flop show because there weren't any car launched in the small car segment .Ertiga,Duster and Eco Sport seems to be the stars but since we have seen either spy shots or renderings of these several times before they didn't seem new at all.They were all over exposed .Only surprises were from the two wheeler companies.

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