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Post long drive car checkups , needed advice.

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Hi all,

Recently for the new year I had driven all the way to Goa from Blr (1500km) in all.

On the trip I've driven through the 'Dandeli forest'( horrible roads with ditches and bumps everywhere) and through some really muddy roads(with fine silt being sucked into the AC almost always).

So in general what are the checkup I need to do to see if my car is now in proper condition?

owing to the dust i know that the AC filter needs to be cleaned. Apart from that anything else?

Nuts/bolts so on....

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If I remember correctly, you own a Fiat Punto.  Right ?

For such a well built car, a mere 1500 km trip is just a small journey even if

undertaken in dusty environment.

I feel that except cleaning Air Filter you need not worry too much about it.

Coming to what you say about `sucking fine dust in to AC', I think you must

keep the AC in `in-cabin circulation' mode and not to opt for `fresh air' mode

when driving in dusty climates.  If fine dust enters the cabin, you need to

vaccuum clean the interiors thoroughly. 

Other than these two, drive the car normally.  And, take some action, only if

you feel that the car is behaving abnormally or 'out of sync'. 

But, remember all the above items (given above by sb_alto) can be done at

the next scheduled servicing.

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Yes I drive a Punto.. I had kept the AC in "in-cabin circulation" mode itself.. But I just wanted to clarify it with you guys that's all..

Secondly my friend who was driving a small stretch ran over a rock or something( I dont know , I was asleep), there is some rattling noise i can hear now under the engine bay, looks like the engine protector sheet might have lost a nut or something..

Thanks for you advice ppl

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1500 kms is nothing for Punto, if the same is in Nano, it might need some serious attention.

If your car is to be serviced within 1k-2k kms, let them check your car by then. Just check oil level and clean air filter/ ac blower if possible.

PS- Is the roads from Bangy- Goa too bad? How long and how much time it comsumes?

We plan to take a trip next week in a A* & Swift, is that do able in whole night from chennai?

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creativebala:: The roads are stupendous.

I've blogged about my trip , you can read about it fully here

Any queries just PM me.

Bangalore to Goa is do able easily.. But chennai is quite far  nearly 850km (border to border) . I'd advice to start in the morning as some of the roads after you hit Hubli are deserted quite a bit( Nearly 70kms of completely empty roads) and all I spoke to before my journey said to avoid these roads in the night.

Roads are really really good. But that 70km stretch is very lonely.

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What all things I do after a long drive are:

1. Check the water level. Top-up if needed.

2. Check oil levels. Top-up if needed.

3. Wash the car. *Wash after the tyres and engine cools down to env. temperature*

4. Apply wax-polish on the car.

5. Check the tyre pressure levels.

6. Tank-up for use.


Doing these things regularly keeps your car in good shape - externally and internally. Externally - Physical Body. Internally - Under the hood.


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