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Stage 1 performance mod, Punto

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Hi all,

Now that my Punto(diesel) has done 25k in 2 yrs I'd like to go in for some performance mods( Just a desire to do so).

But I have 0 knowledge about performance upgrades.

I do know flashy names like K&N , air filters, FFE, CAI and so on. But in the real world how much of it and which ones are needed to feel the oomph?

The easiest way to do things is to slap a tuning box.( I've tested out a few but didnt do what i wanted it to, have to try Pete's)

Some questions

1.) That aside where do i start from?

2.) What changes constitute a "Stage 1 mod".

3.) Any documents I can read about to understand the impact of this change?

4.) What are the things that can go wrong after such mods?

5.) How much of a change can be expected?

I live in blr and if anyone out here has got such a thing done and is happy about it can you please let me know the details


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What I'm expecting to achieve are these.

1.) at least 8-10% gain in high end torque

2.) at least 10-13% gain in low end torque

3.) at least a 20kmph increase in the top speed which is now at 160kmph.

[3] is becuase I just watched fast and furious (Not particularly inclined and its not "THE" reason for the mods at all)

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A stage I mod is as follows

1) Performance air filter

2) Upsized tyres

3) remap/piggy bag ECU


I would say that the tyres are more than adequate in the emotion pack varient and you should upsize to that one itself .

Performance air filter are of two types conical or stock replcement and for a diesel car I would recommand the stock replacement one.

Get a tuning box like Race Dynamics which has different maps and can be changed on the fly by a remote.

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Please don't go for a Free Flow Exhaust on a diesel car because the Exhaust gas recirculation value will give error codes and also the car will sound like a tractor .


About CAI it has been seen from experience on DYNO by many owner of a diesel car that the power advatage w/o a filter and with a stock filter is only 0.3% for even a high revving engine so it makes economical sense that you put a stock replacement perfromance filter or just don't change the stock filter.


Advantage of CAI or stock replacement filter will be a better throttle reponse in high rev range and quiet franky the power in most diesel engine trails off in the top band and one almost never goes to the redline with a diesel.

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I think all you need would probably be a Remapped ECU from any one of the vendors. It should give the bump up in power you are looking for.

Do keep us posted on what you finally decide to do and the costs involved.

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thank you guys for your advice.

After this discussion i will probably stick with what my car rolled out of the showroom :)

But yeah will try with the pete's kit and check out how it performs.

I'm not too keen on piggy back ECUs simply because I fear it will begin to have an effect on various engine components as the engine is pushed to its max always.

Anyway will keep you posted

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