waxing car after polish , is it necessary?

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Hi all,

I've been reading so much about car detailing lately that now I'm terribly confused(Too much is too bad ;) ).

I've been polishing my punto from the past 2 yrs and I have never waxed it till date.

But off-late I read that waxing is an important process as well.

I know the difference between the 2 processes  but is waxing necessary to keep the car shining as new even after many years.

Or is polishing it sufficient?

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Polishing is only something you should do when the paint finish has become flat - (Dirt grime along with sunlight can degrade the finish on a car) .Each time you polish the car you are removing a small layer of paint and if you do this too often you will go through to the undercoat and the only way of fixing that is to respray the car.


Wax is a non abrasive coating which protects the paint finish.Putting wax over a bad paint finish will just seal in the imperfections and will not enhance the appearance of the paint so waxing is a final finishing job only.

Polishing provides a shine by exposing the paint layer and waxing will help to protect the exposed layer.

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You need to determine if the paint defect is above or below the surface. After washing the car sweep your fingers over the paint and if it feels smooth any defects are below the surface and if it feels rough, pitted or slightly sticky it indicates above surface imperfections.

Defect is above the surface

Above surface defects like traffic film, tar, bug guts and the like are best treated with a clay bar. Follow the instructions that come with the clay but it is a simply a case of wiping the warm clay over the paint with a supplied lubricant to trap the dirt particles. It is a time consuming process but this makes a big difference to the finish of your paint .

Defect is below the surface

After a clay bar treatment look closely at the paint - if there are still imperfections these will be below surface and need to be polished out.

Any stone chips and scratches should be touched up at this point before applying the wax because paint will not adhere very well to a waxed surface.

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For external body surface the best one, which I've came across is NanoWax


or another cheap & best one is Formula1 Carnauba Wax.

But you need to use 3-4 times a month to keep your car shine & feel Glossy.

Initially use it twice atleast in first 10 days.

& Beware of duplicate ones, available in the market.

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Waxing is obsolete and has been replaced by hi-tech ceramic sealers such as used by aircraft companies.  They are standard for many manufacturers in the West but new to India.

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Actually my car is 8 year old, and did not get true pampering from the start. So I do not waste money using costly stuffs. Rather use what I get at reasonable price.

That formula1 car wax is Rs 300 and the Waxpol one is more in quantity and costs 200.

That brush is a tyre and wheel well scrubber.

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