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Punto, Emotion/Emotion PK : Different stereos?

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Hi All,

After managing to run the stock stereo from Blaupunkt on my Punto(Emotion) for 2 yrs, I observed that a friend who drives the Emotion Pk also has the same stereo. However that has USB support.

This made me wonder if the stereo on my Emotion also is the same but just that intentionally FIAT has blocked the USB port from access .

If that be the case then my guess is that I can just take it to a blaupunkt center and get this fixed.

From the outlook at least the HU on both these models look alike and if so , Theoretically at least my HU should also have USB support .

Has anyone given this a thought?.

Does anyone know if the HUs on these models are the same?


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Actually the USB port in Punto/Linea Emotion is a part of its 'Blue & Me' system & the latter works in-conjunction with its Music system & is connected with the latter at the coupling adapter on its back.

I've seen the whole of this system/mechanism at some other site. You can Google this out.

If its cheap & simple then opt for it else, Remove its HU, buy New one(any of your favourite) with USB/Aux-In port & get it Installed in the OEM frame of its previous ACTIVE-variant.

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Actually the worry I had is now fixed.

My '09 model punto comes with blaupunkt system which has AUX support but either the FIAT guys or blaupunkt guys forgot(must be intentional) to provide an AUX-in . All i needed was that cable and i was done.

I have got it done will upload pics shortly of the procedure.

I cannot believe it but my stock stereo has AUX now, YAY!!!!

PS:: could you guys please take a look at my other post regarding "waxing the car" .. I'm really worried now that I might have started to strip paint by excessive polishing, a discussion on that thread would help me a lot.

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