02 Aug skoda 2.0L,ambiente

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As the octavia petrol lacks demand you can bargain it further upto 4.7 or 5 lacs , also the milage isnt very good and maintenence will be an ache




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@ messnegerb4u ( Dhanus ) for the price of 5 lakhs and hearing that its a SKODA , i would kindly request you to go for the Innova , today i paper in say an ad about 2006 Used Innova for 6 Lakh rs here at Mangalore , may be you can call this Person , i think he is a dealer of used cars as e has got some other cars for sale too , like Tavera 06 , Innova 08 unregistered , and all those

If you wish i culd give you his number



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i think even five lakhs is too high for a petrol 2.0 octavia... i am selling my octavia deisel just 2 years old and the dealer offered me only 6 lakhs that also in exchange... have got a offer of 7.75 outside.... just trying on an eight.... car has some extra stuff put in also... try if you could get a diesel octavia.... better option i would say

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