noise after i changed my tire, Urgent help please

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Hi all,

After not being able to figure out why my left front tire was losing air faster than the rest, I decided to swap it with the spare and see what happens.

2 days ago i swapped the tire and ever since then, I'm hearing a "Tak" "Tak" noise from the left front.

Its like a stone is constantly hitting the under-chasis.

I'm not sure what mistake i did but there is no wobbling sensation. The drive feel is the same and Everthing is as it should be except for this noise.

I'm taking the car out for a check up tomorrow so before that if anyone can give me a heads up on what to look for or ask i would be grateful.

Thank you.

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Thank you guys for the response.

I was in for a shock when i took the car to the service station.

One of the bolts had come loose, I remember tightening every single bolt , I guess i did a sloppy job. Thankfully I didnt drive much after the noise started to occur and now its fixed.

Thank you all

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