tire pressure measurement problems.crazy


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Hi all,

Since I was not ready to trust every air filling station's gauge I bought myself a compressor and a air pressure gauge from ebay and I've been using it from the past 5-6 months.

Today when i was at the FIAT service station, I just overlooked the mechanic pumping air into the tire and it read 32PSI on his Electronic gauge.

Being a little surprised I wanted to check the same so after i came back I checked with my gauge and it read 39 PSI.

Now is my question, which one to trust.

Till now I believed that the one I bought was showing the correct reading and I was always using that to pump in air till my device showed 32 PSI, Now even the calibrated machine(or so i hope) at FIAT's center is showing a different reading.

Which one to trust?

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If the standard tyre pressure is x psi and your FIAT service station found it at 32 psi which is higher than x then they must took out some air from your car's tyres. Hence, your own scale should be wrong.

Else if, the 32 psi was below the x psi, then they must of filled your car's tyre upto x psi. So if x psi is lesser than 39 psi (which your scale showed) then again your scale must be wrong.


Else if x psi is greater than 39 psi (which your scale showed) then again your scale must be having issues.

Also, keep in mind that we should messure tyre pressure when the tyres are not hot. In other words, do not refill or check tyre pressure just after driving out more than 5 KM of distance. The reason is, as and when tyre get hotter, the inside air gets inflated which is why air pressure scale may show wrong readings.
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