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Tata-MDI AirCar to be launched by August'12?

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Tata Motors have confirmed that the car will go on sale as early as August 2012.

Tata-Air-Car-compressed-air-engine-300x2The car being made entirely from fiberglass makes it very light and the tubular chassis is bonded (glued) rather than welded. The engine runs entirely on compressed air.

How much each refill cost? Well, according to Tata, refueling costs are only as much as the electricity consumed to run the compressor that usually is $2 (Rs.99). How far will it go on a full tank? The Mini CAT can cover around 300 kilometers on a full tank.

Does it takes 8 hours to refill like the electric cars? No, it takes around 3-4 hours at home or a few minutes at a suitably equipped service station.

Former F1 engineer Guy Negre and his outfit Motor Development International jointly developed this car with Tata and considering it was displayed as a concept back in 2008, it took its own sweet time to be market ready.

When the car comes out, it

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Air as fuel instead or Petrol/Diesel/Gas....something out of the box thinking.


I give full credit to inventors and engineers for this and also to TATA for bringing in this technology first in the country (if they bring it).

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Another Breakthrough from TATA Motors India: They're going to use Corn-Starch in their cars as a Insulating & Crash absorbing material' date=' as its food-value is pretty low.

In-house Successful trials are already going on.



I think ever since TATA acquired seems it was amalgamation of Raw Tallent with Scientific Methodology.


The innovation has started picking up from TATA front.



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