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RPM in New WagonR vxi!

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I have New WagonR VXI with ABS from Sep 2011, now 6 months observation,

i know following:

1) Engine needs to be at 80 degree Celsius then only it give 950RPM which is standardized by Maruti Company. (This fact told me by Maruti Authorized service center's Mechanics/technician)

2) When i start vehicle at morning(in Maharashtra so weather is not so cold), & there are 2 conditions

1.  If i not move vehicle & wait without keep pressing accelerator:- RPM stable at 1500 till first 30 sec, then till 4Min 45 sec it keeps same & after that it goes down at 1000, till 7-8 min it keeps same then after that it comes below 1000 which we should be consider as 950.

2. If i start moving/traveling within 30sec ignoring RPM etc,keeping trip meter at 0, till 1.5 to 2km, RPM keeps at 1500, then it goes down at 1000 but above the mark, & after 3rd km it goes down below 1000. (i stop vehicle at each km reading & using neutral gear with hand break & without pressing accelerator)

Now my question is

1) what is ideal/general reading of RPM?

2) At different speed with different loads but on same road/altitude what should be RPM?(eg on Pune-Mumbai express highway from Khopoli to Panvel which almost on same plane/altitude)(1. only driver in car, 2. 1passanger + driver,3. 4 passanger+driver 4.4 passenger+driver+bags which fill the ****y)(60km/hr,70km/hr,80km/hr....)(Gear should be same means 5th or detailed with different gear if possible)

Please help me to get knowledge...

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1. The Idle Rpm needs to be same as what MASC guys suggested you. i.e: ~950Rpms.

Whatever happens Initially or during Initial Minutes of starting is due to its Auto-Choke enabled MPFI(Multi-Point Fuel Injection) system, which sends Fuel-Rich Mixture at starting/in the beginning to enable its engine to Reach the Optimum temperature as soon as possible.

This is beneficial for the car's engine & helps in easy starting in any type of Weather conditions.

Rather than time or any particular distance, this system is regulated by Temprature sensor.

It's programmed by the company itself into its ECU & can't be Manipulated later on.

So, don't worry about it as its a Normal & beneficial feature for your car.

2. Rather than going in very Specifically or Strictly as per Engine Rpm for your driving.

I advice you to drive as the Engine feels relaxed i.e Neither Shift Gear at too High or too Low Rpm.

Best is to keep the Rpm in 2000-4000 range for best Economy & engine life.

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