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Maruti SX4 CNG - the most practical big car?

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The Maruti SX4 is a car for the higher C segment, and borderline D- while segmentation can get confusing, you get a second-level sedan at the same price as entry-level sedans of other brands. The petrol engine itself is one of the more fuel-efficient engines in this power and displacement rating. The car is also available with CNG fitting- which will reduce fuel costs greatly, and make it the most cost-effective 'big' car to buy. Maruti engines are claimed to be more receptive to CNG fitting than engines of competing cars.

But is it really worth the purchase? The SX4, as we hear, is far from the perfect car- be it imperfect ride quality, the blind spot at the A-pillar, and especially high-speed steering stability- some of the best known SX4 issues. You spend a little more and get superior options (though still imperfect) from other brands, if you can foot the maintenance costs. Most importantly, you won't get a test drive vehicle so easily. Some people don't like the looks and design of the SX4. Yet, the whole package, if you can afford it, is quite enticing, since you have a higher-segment sedan, with power, torque and fuel-efficiency, low maintenance and a really good service and spares support- but one not quite perfect.

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