Is Shell Petrol better than others?


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Would like to really understands if there is any difference that exists between Shell petrol and other brands like HP, BP, IO etc...

This was the point that recently got discussed within office with colleagues and that ended in raised rating for Shell Fuel.

---> Does it really gives improved performance?

Also learnt that the petrol is more costlier that any other brand.

I work in Hinjawadi, Pune and have a Shell fuel station there. Have not seen any other around in the city in Deccan, Kothrud, or nearby area for that matter.

The fuel station has hardly any vehicle filling in the fuel.

Also learnt that the Shell will not increase the price when other brands are due for price rise.

Any comments on this?


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I believe that Shell does dispense better fuel . Logic is simple. Its not an Indian company at all so they need to maintain an overall standard so that when they are audited they dont run into trouble.

As for better mileage ,well good fuel mean cleaner combustion and that can help in some better mileage but you cannot expect more than 1-2kmpl more(in case of a car).

Now if Shell has also got down to doing under table business w.r.t to the quality they dispense then its just our ill fate, But i highly doubt this.

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I regularly use Shell in my bike.. and it does give a better mileage when compared to any other fuel I've used for it.

I have a CBZ. It returns 50 kmpl when I use Shell and barely does 43 kmpl when I use any other fuel.

As far as pricing goes, yes, it makes a whole lot of difference. I usually fill up my car in Hinjewadi HP fuel station (at Rs. 68.80 per liter) and the car returns a decent figure of 16 kmpl with AC. I tried filling it with Shell (at 78 per liter) and it gave the same. So apparently does not make any sense to me filling in fuel at almost Rs. 9 extra per liter.

The only thing I can see as a positive when I refuel at Shell is that the engine, whether bike or car, sounds really smooth...

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Is Shell not importing dierectly and suppling locally?

No way. It would make it prohibitively costly.

They take/buy it from any of the local manufacturers and brand-sell it through their own dealers. So, in effect, it is the SAME STUFF but priced differently. That's the reason why Mr.Neerajd gets the same mileage. So, except for the dealer-level service (like free air, ample parking space, prompt and courteous service, free wiping of wind shield etc.,) there is no way in which Shell Petrol is better than other local brands.

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Importing refined oil is not allowed except to the state owned oil marketing companies, and that too when they have claimed shortage and need immediate relief.

They are only allowed to import crude oil. Refined product will come under full excise duty, so you can imagine how much much more it will cost for Shell to import oil.

Also if you search the internet, you will get various results specifying the JV between Shell and MRPL.rahul18102012-03-20 12:20:11

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The only two differnces that I could think of are - Price and Level of Impurities, when you compare Shell Vs HPCL/BPCL/IOC.

Since, later are state run companies hence dealers do manupulate the oil refueling by mixing it with other stuffs and also in measurement as well.

Probably, low / non-existence of impurities and right measurements are the cause of smoothness and slightly better mileage figures in favour of Shell.
Sstar2012-03-20 18:13:34
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As I understand on this discussion, it appears that Shell procures it locally and sells, then there could be some extra process that is done on the fuel. As they are claiming it to be international quality fuel for motors.

They quote:

"Unleaded from Shell has been formulated to help prevent the build-up of these deposits, and to help maintain your engine

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All the PSU have got normal fuel which is of 87 octane and premium one IOC Extra Premium 91 octane, BP Speed 89 Octane and HP Power also has 89 Octane vs Shell normal and super both are 91 octane fuel....super with some additives. I have been using Shell normal in my 2003 santro which has clocked 90k km in odometer and returns 13kmpl with ac on in Bangalore traffic. As an when i switch over to other fuels the avg drops by min 1 kmpl. Shell fuel is expensive by Rs 2 in Bangalore but its cost effective.

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Hi all,

Comparing the mileage difference between HP petrol mileage and Shell petrol mileage of my Wagor R 1000CC auto gear (AMT) on Jan-Feb-2018. I am in Chennai, everyday commute from Velachery to Kodambakkam 30KM/day in a heavy city traffic. My observation below:

If I would have used: HP petrol on 31-Jan-2018 was 75.63 Rs., For 2000 rs 26.44 L. And as per my last 3 months calculations my car gives 14.22 KM/L for HP petrol in same city traffic. So for 2000 rs it gives 376 KM and it comes like 5.32 Rs./Km.

I used Shell: the price was 77.46 Rs, got 25.82L normal petrol for 2000Rs, not V-Power. And my car gave mileage of 15.14 KM/L in same traffic condition. So for 2000 Rs it has given 391KM and it comes like 5.11Rs/Km.

Hence, although Shell is little costlier it gives good mileage and for 1000KM / month commuters it saves Rs. 200 per month. Also, as I heard it is good for engine.

Wear helmet & Seat belt!

Happy driving folks....

-Murugan from Chennai.

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