Can I take my BRAND NEW car on a road trip??


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Can I take my BRAND NEW car on a road trip through different states in

india when I havent applied for permanent registration plus havent paid

any road tax yet I bought this car yeterday and have temporary

registration documents valid for ONE MONTH!!!

I will be traveling through Punjab, Haryana, New Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharshtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh.

Currently, I have temporary registration number, purchase letter from the dealer and insurance document.

Please advise...

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You can take it out considering if you have - Purchase invoice, Temporary Number registration, Road tax payment slip, insurance, a photo ID with address mentioned same as in invoice/temp number.

However, you will find yourself stopped at many places specially on borders because in India, policemen are not qualified to verify documents authenticity on the Road. This makes difficult for you if you have a brand new vehicle.

But, if you are going to drive a big luxury car (a Brand itself)...very less chances are that you will be stopped...that is how "it happens only in India" smiley1.gif
Sstar2012-03-20 18:27:23
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It is not legal to take a new car (with F/R) outside the state (in which it was bought) without getting it first fully registered. The temporary registration clearly indicates that the vehicle should be registered within one month from the nearest RTA office/branch (closest to the buyer's residential address - the same which has been indicated in the address proof as well as the vehicle's sales invoice and other supporting documents). The various state govt's RTAs are empowered to sieze the vehicle if such a vehicle is plying in their area.

Why take a chance ?

Instead, go to the local RTA and get it registered.

It will be done, in most cases, in a jiffy. And, in

some places, it will be done instantly as well.

Avoid headaches and act wisely.

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Moreover, within one month, you want to cover Punjab, Haryana, New Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharshtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh from your place of Amritsar.

What about the servicing of the brand new car within the timeframe/distance specified ? Have you given a thought to it ?

On the lighter side : Baaki states ko kyon chod diya, raajaa ?   Unko bhi cover karna thaa naa ?rameshbabu.n2012-03-21 01:26:13

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