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Points to consider before TURBO-Charging your car

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So, you want to turbo-charge your car and you dream of sub-seven second dashes to 100km/h. There are many hatchbacks and sedans in India that have had successful after-market turbo jobs, but each one of them required a huge investment in time and money. Adding a turbo-charger to your car is a serious modification and lack of knowledge, expertise and appropriate parts can lead to disaster. This compilation covers some things to look for before you buy a turbo and the simple ways to check a turbo install job.

Before you choose a turbo make sure the following is checked:

- That the ECU has the ability to handle turbo-boosting;

- That the injector has enough size to supply extra fuel;

- That you use fuel of the proper quality, pressure and volume;

- That knock sensing apparatus is equipped;

- That there is available space in the engine compartment; and

- Whether the compression ratio has been brought down to at least 8.5.

How to choose the right turbo:

- Pick one that is designed for the engine capacity of your car. The chart below can be used as a rough guide;

- Make sure that the exhaust side (or turbine trim) is designed for your engine capacity and that the intake side (or compressor trim) is larger;

- High-quality turbos have ball bearings and water-cooling while lesser ones use roller bearings and have no water cooling;

- Does the turbo have an external/internal waste gate and at what boost does it open?

Here is a chart to help you choose your turbo trim, assuming you know how to calculate your engine

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Oh and sorry I didn't see your PS. I'm trying to boost it because Im 17

and live with my parents and when I use his car to take girls here and

there and I wanna make it easier for there cloths to come off. And who

doesn't want more power?

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