Maruti 800 Starting problem

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My Maruti 800, Carb 1996, engine overhauled two years back.

I can start the engine in the morning and in a traffic when the engine is hot.

But it is very difficult to start the engine after 10-15 minutes after few miles run.

But if I let the engine cool for 1 hours I can start the engine

What can be the possible reasons? smiley3.gif

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It's called a vapor most cases and is caused by a problem in the fuel delivery.   It can also be caused by faulty ignition components so you have a lot to check.

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I replaced my radiator two years ago. Water pump too seems to be working fine [AsI open the radiator cap when the engine is running (when warming up), I can see the coolant flowing (thermo valve not installed)].

I suspect there is a overheating issue. So what can be the culprit for overheating if the radiator and water pump are ok?

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