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Hi all,

I usually turn the AC completely off when i feel that the cabin has cooled enough and turn it back on if i feel otherwise.

I recently came across some discussion that frequently doing this will reduce the life of the compressor.

SO its best to keep the AC running and manage the temp level and set it at ones comfort levels.

Upon refueling this time I tried this new approach, I kept the AC running most of the times but set the temp to medium cold, this resulted in a drop of nearly 2-3 kmpl, in total i lost about 75km worth of diesel in city traffic.

I want to get back to my earlier habit of switching off the AC when cabin is cold , is it safe to do so?

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Hi sham.....even i have a confusion about your query....

I had this habit of keeping the reducing the temp levels and the fan speed once the cabin has cooled....but someone told me that it is better to switch off the AC once the cabin has cooled and switch it one again when cabin turns warmer. I did it several times but got a feeling that it may damage the compressor....

i hope someone can throw light on this ........

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