Pajero SuperSelect 4X4 problem

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About 3 months back, my Pajero SFX (India) would not engage into 4WD.

I'd Shift the lever from 2WD to 4WD but the lights would keep on blinking and if i accelerated, the car would move very slowly(even though the revs were high).

I took it to a local dealer. He said that it was a problem with the solenoid valve. Since he did not have it I went to another dealer outside my state. He replaced the solenoid valves(Rs. 10,000) but as the problem did not go, after some investigations, he fixed it. Later I learnt from their mechanic, that the actuator shaft had jammed (and he had to just apply some WD40 to free it); !!!But my original solenoid valves were not put back.

Now, 3 months later, my battery died and I replaced it.

The problem has come back.

I have noticed that if one of the solenoid valves is disconnected by removing its power supply, the vehicle shifts into 4WD easily BUT it cannot shift backĀ  into 2WD.

If both the valves are connected, the vehicle goes into 2WD but cannot go into 4WD. If I try to put it into 4WD there is a faint grinding noise(like when changing gears badly) from the front differential and it accelerates very slowly even at high revs [normal first gear-25 km/hr; with this defect-10 km/hr.)

What could be the problem.

I guess the actuator is OK as the car can go into 4WD with the plug of one solenoid valve pulled out.

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Hi there,

have you found a solution for your problem? I have got exactly the same issue with my pajero.

After switching in 4H i have a pretty poor acceleration.

I am looking forward to your answer.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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