Fiat Linea Acceleration problem

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I have been facing a weird issue with my Fiat Linea 1.3 Multijet Emotion Pk. Occasionally, when on a long drive on highways, I have noticed that the car looses all acceleration for a short period.

At this point, there is absolutely no response from accelerator or gear shift (downshift or otherwise). It is as if the vehicle gets stuck at that particular RPM and speed with only slight deceleration.Obviously, on braking the vehicle, it loses speed and there is no issue with braking. Also, Upon aggressive downshift (downshifting to achieve RPM above 3500-4000), I am able to regain normal acceleration.

There is no error in diagnostic software when checked at service centre. Further, it is very difficult to replicate the error in workshop due to unpredictability of this problem.


One more observation Car doesn

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Hi gmurge, I used to have a similar problem with Fiat Sienna. It was rectified by getting the fuel injectors cleaned. The fuel quality matters alot. Adulterated fuel and carbon particles in the fuel can pose problems. Also can you notice whether the situation is related to Aircon in On mode or Off mode.

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