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Suzuki GSX-R1000 K7

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They have done it again, move over R1.....

Say hello to the new Suzuki GSX-R1000 K7 .... whats that? Exactly..


Suzuki might have hidden plans to make all forms of bike under the litre class OBSELETE, in introducing this little beauty, they may have accomplished just that, here you have it, a 600, 750, and a 1000, all rolled into one..... What am I talking about again? ..ENJOY .........................



Best Explanation I found :

Three engines in one bike

The new rocker switch located on the right handlebar is the most intriguing addition to an already outstanding bike. Suzuki

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the world over, people have a not-so-positive image of bikes and bikers. given that a supesport machine costs as much as a compact car in most markets, there are a lot of people who opt for a bike for the thrills and associated image/ego boost.

a lot of people who ride high-powered motorbikes are incapable of handling the bike - its weight, the way the power goes down, the road conditions, etc. also, most havent the slightest clue about throttle modulation. additionally, a lot of these born-again bikers have rarely had the experience of a manual transmission or driven a vehicle without matronly over-rides. so, somebody who was dynamically used to only 100 horses in a 1 tonne car suddenly has 180 horses to control on a 200kg motorbike. expect trrouble.

but, since suzuki realises that a large number of buyers have the cash to splash and wnat the image boost, they put in a throttle mapping system to safeguard their riders, and also their business.

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very valid points! but, Wouldnt legislation or stringent rules be a better option than a manufacturing limiting a machine, or rather, deviating from "the man the machine" feel towards a more machine for the man who would rather be a boy feel?


I totally agree with and understand the rationale behind it, but it somehow seems like one really sad paradox.

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