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my fiat palio 1.2 petrol 2002 model car has started showing tripmeter error wherein the tripmeter rewinds to zero after abt 99 km each time.shud i get this repaied in a tata authorised dealer or any good mechanic-i already have a dead fuel gauge which can only be resureccted after repalcing the fuel pump which may cost Rs 10,000.00 if avaliable which i cant afford

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Dear anirudh,


 i would say a dead fuel gauge is more troublesome than a faulty trip meter.

get the fuel guage fixed rather than the trip meter, you would be better off not getting stuck in traffic with a correct fuel gauge reading , who needs a trip meter anyways .


Also your trip meter has a set pattern just add the new reading + 99 if you are that particular about the reading .


I know it could be troublesome if you are in the taxi business , even than you may take account the Main meter reading rather than the trip one




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Which is it...the fuel pump assembly with a faulty sender or a bad gauge?  That's easily checked.  If it is indeed the fuel pump sender...(the pump and sender are separate you know) you might still have to replace the whole assembly.....and....if you have a lot of kilometers on the car then have them clean the gas tank and replace all the filters...both those in the tank and those outside of the tank.

Sometimes...yes it is true....perhaps you just mashed the wire in the harness or got some dirt in the cable connector...don't let them jump on charging you for a pump assembly without diagnosing the problem correctly.

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