Farewell to an Icon : Maruti 800 production to end

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For a car that put modern India on wheels, and made Maruti Suzuki the No.1 Indian manufacturer within months of launch, it has been one heck of a journey. The Indian market has lapped up 25+ lakh copies of the Maruti 800 till date. Most of us learned how to drive on an 800, and it's certain that each enthusiast has driven the car at some point of time.

Maruti smartly repositioned the Alto to take over from the 800. After 2 decades of reigning over the market, in May 2004, the 800 ceded the title of a best-seller to the Maruti Alto.

Truly, the end of an icon. smiley32.gif

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800 as a brand is long dead , even the rural market has left its hands upon arrival of altos.


Agreed it was fun while it lasted now Alto is also die - ing a slow death. You must have seen spy pics of the new alto .The way it looks compared with the others alike aka EON , it really the big concern for suzuki.


Nobody who is somebody looks at these small cars when it comes to buying them .


Had just price been a factor NANO would have been a great success, it still is another dud.


The features that people look in cars today are light years ahead of what 800 could offer .


Yes Estilo was a dud it somehow even spoilt the name ZEN.



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It's sad to see it go.  Though I never owned nor driven much (probably, only a couple of times), I always admired it for one thing.  It brought motoring to many families.  Or, shall we say, brought economical motoring to many small families.  I admire the very first model, whenever I see some of them still plying.  The 5-gear model was the best part.  IIRC that model commanded a premium in the second hand market and is the most sought after entry level car.  No other car can ever match this car in terms of economy, cost of ownership and ease of maintenance.  I will definitely miss it when the last unit is produced and M800 is finally made a part of history.

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