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Buying a new car

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I want to buy a new car

Whats your Budget - Rs 20L-30L(on road price)

Kms driven monthly - 1500-2000 km

Bodyshell -   Sedan/SUV

City/Highway split - 95:05

Max No.of Passangers - __5____ most of the time

Boot space Importance - Medium

Usage by - normal

Ownership - City

Safety - High

Prime requirement - AFSS, Fuel efficiency, space, VFM, diesel, ground clearance,

Softcorner'd Manufacturer - VW, Hyundai, Toyota

We can wait for 1 year. Backseat 3rd passenger comfort is a prime requisit

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dear anindya ,


These days i am inclined only to automatics so if you want one ,my pick would be the New Fanta Fe Automatic.


Best Automatic car in the desired price bracket slightly better than the current champion Fortuner , as per a latest camparo tests done by Overdrive Mag , just trying to find a link on youtube for you , will post one if i find one.


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Welcome to the Forum dear AGRoy,

Nice to see your very first post and glad to know about your requirement.

Of hand, for 5 pax, mostly driving in city, within a 20 to 30 lakh budget, yet to

decide between a sedan or a SUV ... the options seem to be between

Nissan X Trail, Honda CRV apart from Toyota Fortuner.  All comfortably

in that bracket of 20 to 30 L.  All three are very good, reliable and offer

very good safety, comforts, features and sedan-like driving comfort.  You

need to go for a Test Drive of all the three, specially keeping in mind your

last listed prime requirement - comfort for 3rd row passenger.  If any of

these 3 are going to fit your requirements perfectly, why wait for 1 year ?


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I also forgot to add Santa Fe from Hyundai, one of your shortlisted brands.

Yes.  As rightly said by librankur, it was adjudged the best of SUVs in the

latest comparision done by Overdrive.  The price is also ideally suited for you.

It is between 22 to 26 lakhs.  And, Hyundai is NOW taking orders for this

fully imported SUV which drives like a sedan.  Being in Delhi, you may find

their service also top class (hopefully, for this CBU import).  All the best.

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Audi Q3 is launching next month, and that is the one to go for. Initially only AWD will be launched which will be imported while, it will start getting assembled later in the year in Aurangabad. Expect price of around 25 lakhs and it has been unanimously touted for its ride quality.

I wouldn't go for a Santa Fe when there are talk of the newer much better looking model launching soon. Another SUV slated to get a huge change is CRV and it may get diesel engines also.

So if you want to wait for an year, it should be if you are interested in new CRV/Santa Fe/Q3 FWD.

To buy in the next month, it would be Audi Q3.

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Q3 its like a small baby, even smaller than X1,sure the width is comparable. In india ,size rules, one of the reasons , Fortuner rules our roads.with a Q3 you might get lost in the crowd, hiding behind all the Innovas , Taveras , Xylos , we have here , though with the Quattro its bound to command respect otherwise.

In delhi SUVs are more for their snob value and their intimitating road presence , rather than anything else , no mountains to conquer here, just bad roads and nasty speed breakers  ,people buy SUVs to show off / Ferry people / Cargo and thus the bigger the better.

In Delhi . Q3 would be the poor mans Audi,if you know what i mean.You dont want to be called poor even after spending 30 big ones.

4660 > 4385


Its up to you where you want to be seen , at the Top of a product line or at the Bottom of one , newer models of these SUVs are always a delight.


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Hi guys thank you for your response.

My dad wants to buy the car not me( i am 17 years old).

most of the time the car will be used only by 2 person and only be used by 5 on occasionally. sorry for the confusion smiley19.gif

@librankur and rameshbabu.n we have already checked out santa fe and the middle seats lacked thigh support, also the attitude of the hyundai salesperson was pretty laid back and they seemed more interested in watching IPL than explaining the features of the car.smiley7.gif

@rahul1810 my mom feels that the Q3 is more of a hatch.

Guys what about sedans??

I really loved the vw passat but dad is worried about its maintenance costs.

Is there any news when peugeot launch 508 in India?

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great ,you are too informed and worldly wise for someone your age but then what we would know being born in the stone age.

when you asked the question before it looked to me that the third row of seats were important to you as you would be sitting there, also 5 people traveling most of the time was confusing .

vw passat is an excellent choce but it wont seat 5 comfortably and no third row just won an aword , executive car of the year or so.will check and let you know.hope i am not confusing it with the jetta

cricket makes indians crazy ,try to visit the dealerships again when the game season ends.

q3 is sure a tiny baby to be called an suv

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great suggestion , Superb Fits your bill completely.


others could be the :



Merc compressor



Out of these, do give S60 a thought


and yes i was right about my confusion , Jetta was the Executive Car of the year not Passat.

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