Convert any car into an automatic

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There is a new product in the market that helps you convert any of your cars in any state into an automatic vehicle.

The installation time for the product is stated to be 3-4 hours but the benefits it will give you are endless.The product is portable , meaning it can be switched from old car to new car ,when changing cars.the product improves car fuel economy and is reasonablly priced.

The car thus created is called a semi-automatic , which gives you the option of driving either with or without the use of a clutch.

somehow my dream of useful plug and play devices is coming true ,kudos to the inventors of this product.

more ,when i have more

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if you live in a busy city and have to commute through stop go traffic on a daily basis or you cant find a semi automatic in your budget or in the kind of vehicle model you like to drive,you sure would like this option

it sure kills the fun factor of a stick shift but adds convinience to your ride

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Yeah, the EZ drive of Maruti is almost the same technology as auto clutch but with a bit more sophistication.

As in EZ drive system, they orchestrate the depressing of clutch and shifting gears through a computer module. They also provide option to manually shift the gears through stick (as in auto clutch system).

Couple of years back I had gone to a car service station for car wash and at that time they had quoted a price tag of 25k for getting this thing installed in my Alto.

Sure, this provides convenience almost similar to a full AT system with reasonable price and no impact of FE.

Going by this, I think Maruti should not charge more than 50k (max) for providing this system over manual.

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