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Hyundai i10 - Electrical Problems

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Hello All,

I'm having an electrical issue with my i10. When I park my car at night, the parking lamps turn on by themselves.

I went to Advaith Hyundai twice. But they gave up within half an hour because

they were not able to reproduce the issue. Today morning, the battery

ran out of charge. I'm guessing the parking lamps might be on whole

night. Anyone else faced this issue? If yes, what was the resolution.

Once the issue happens, if I turn on and off the headlamps, the issue goes away.

And the issue started happening since last month. I had been to Advaith

Hyundai to replace my broken tail lamp assembly. I actually told them

this. They verified the connections on the tail lamp and found

everything to be fine. But somehow I suspect, since the tail lamp also

involves parking lamps, there is an issue with their job. Or it might be

a plain co-incidence that the issue started from that day.


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Could it be because' date=' you locked the car with headlights on? It makes the parking bulbs, both front and back to glow continuously.[/quote']No, I did turn everything off.

The lights will be off when I lock the car and leave. It turns on by itself sometime in the night.

Thanks for your reply smiley1.gif

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