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shekhar s

ford fiesta classic ac blower not delivering suff

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when was the AC last serviced ?


it could be because of the clogged AC vents , trust me ,if you open it up ,you will find all sorts of stuff there .leaves the full size not just pieces , plastic bags and what not , foam pieces ( the ones used for sound dampening in side the cabin ) all find their way into it , also get sucked in when you choose ventilation setting for your car AC.


Then it could be your broken blower fan blades ,does it sound funny, this could be the reason


Then there could be that the Rubber / Plastic ducts hidden inside the dash may have cracked ( because of your car age ) or dislodged from their position owing to some repairs in the dash . 


All these are my guesses owing to previous experience , have your AC checked / serviced.

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you never mentioned about car cooling issue, how is the cooling on the car ?

 Anyways COOLING COIL as the name suggests is more to do with the COOLING on your AC, is a contraption coil alike the one you see in front of WINDOW ACs ( just after you remove the front grill and air filter) or the outdoor units of Split Airconditioners and as the case with a clogged air filter a bit of cleaning will help.


The service costs dependent on the service centre , go to a ford authorised Service station and spend extra if you will , going to a road side AC service centres is not advisable because you cannot complaint in a case you are not serviced properly or the problem persists , even if its way cheaper


Also be advised , they could also ask for a full gas recharge , after the cleaning , if for some reason it has to be removed from the housing , gas leaks.


All in all it sure to improve your cooling , cant particularly comment on AIR FLOW as was mentioned in your first post .


Do as an authorised AC service guy suggests .

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