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Jaguar XF

Offers from Jaguar you cannot refuse

Offer details

Easy Manage

Low EMI , Annual Bullet



Loan Amount




Down Payment


Other Details

Annual Bullet of 4L

Offer Details

Easy Buy

Low Down Payment



Loan Amount




Down Payment

Zero Down Payment

Other Details


Easy Upgrade

Balloon Payment



Loan Amount




Down Payment


Other Details

Final Balloon of 12.6L

Additional Complimentary Benefits

3 Year Service Plan

3 Year Comprehensive Insurance

3 Year Road Side Assistance

3 Year Warranty

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Renault Duster

Exclusive offers for 3 days

New addition to previous offer

Free 3rd year extended Warranty

Interest Rate of 9.99%

Benefits upto 51000

Price alert

Hyundai hikes prices upto 30000 on all models except CRETA

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Hyundai got complacent with I20 success,initially cut down features of i20, which was appalling and now price hike a display of arrogance. I don't know, the management strategy may be to create high value branding like Honda. Honda charge the customer for so called technology.

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Special Audi Festive Bonanza on A3, A4, Q3 & Q5.

0% rate of interest*,

Complimentary insurance for first year,

Total warranty for 3 years,

Complimentary service plan for 3 years/ 50000 kms,

Assured buyback at 55% of ex-showroom.

Limited period offer valid till stock last. Book before the stock last.

Call-########## for more details.

T&C apply.

Audi ##########!

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Make your Diwali 5 Times brighter

Win Assured gifts upto 1.17CR

Interest Rate at just 8.89%

Free First Year Insurance

Free Accessories

Exchange Bonus


Price starts at 4.47L

Total Benefits 45000

Finance 8.99 %


Price starts at 7.51L

Total Benefits 75000

Finance 8.99 %


Price starts at 9.99 L

Total Benefits 95000

Finance 8.99 %


Leave the word behind in the XC60

Down Payment of 5 L

Insurance free

2 Years Maintenance free

2 Year extended warranty free

Exchange benefits of Rs 1L


Diwali Delight

Cash Back of 5100

Wagon R

Save upto 62200

Swift (D)

Save upto 31600


Save upto 57200

Alto K10

save upto 37200

Dzire (D)

Save upto 41600

Ritz (D)

Save upto 41600


Save upto 72200

Renault Lodgy

This Diwali , drive home Indias No. 1 MPV with exciting offers

Low Interest Rate of 4.99%


Attractive eiscount of 70000

Free Extended warranty for additional 2 years or 30000 kms


Mega Exchange Carnival


Corolla Altis

Benefits upto 50000

heres the breakupFree Toyota Genuine Accessories worth 35

000 Petrol


Free Toyota Genuine Accesories worth 50000 Diesel


Benefits upto 30000

heres the breakup

Standard Insurance @ Rs 1


Low interest rate 5.99 %


Low EMI 6666

Exchange Benefits 10000


Benefits upto 40000

heres the breakup

Standard Insurance @ Rs 1


Free Toyota Genuine Accessories worth 7500


Low Interest Rate 5.99 %


Low EMI 8888

Exchange Benefits Rs 10000

Etios Cross

Benefits upto 45000

Standard Insurance @ Rs 1

Free Toyota Genuine Accessories worth 7500


Low Interest Rate of 5.99%


Low EMI 7777

Exchange Benefits 15000


Benefits upto 25000

Free Toyota Genuine Accessories worth 25000


This Diwali Bring Happiness Home with us


Benefits upto 78000

Starts at 8.97L

XUV 500

Benefits upto 25000

Starts at 11.47L

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Stay away from buying Diesel vehicles in NCT region

Manufactures may lure you with even more discounts on diesel vehicles

Get ready for shelling out more for registration , road tax and a shorter life of the register vehicle itself.

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I am myself stung by the NGT verdict, need to buy two new vehicle AUTOMATICS now , Odd Even rule about to set in Delhi soon , this time sticking to Petrol or CNG

Problem Just few days back cancelled my New Scorpio AT booking

The offer is actually like this

Old price of Nissan CVT 9.16L

Current price 6.95

So total discount is 2.15 Lakh in Delhi

Myself rushed to Treo Nissan , a dealer in south delhi

And heres the low down

These are unsold stock from the year 2014 , i say these because while i was there ,i also enquired about the Evalia , selling for over 3L discount.

So had to drop the Idea.

I am myself looking for the Honda City SV CVT or VX CVT now

AND the second car would be between

the smaller Baleno Delta AT or Jazz V AT

Sadly no sizeable discounts here

Wanted to go Electric , Sadly, Reva , its Puny.

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I read somewhere else also that what they (Nissan) advertise is not what they follow.

People who went for their car in promise of some freebies are still waiting to get them.

As a company, Nissan is best avoided.

@librankur, for small AT car, I would strongly suggest to look at Figo DCT AT. It's a much better AT and it's the only new car (apart from Aspire) which has discounts going now.

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Thank you will check on Figo

Went to a couple of Nexa Showrooms in Delhi and heres the news

BALENO wating period 3-4 months fo4 Pertol and Automatic

Some say they can squeeze in a Diesel Baleno in just over a month

So highly dissappointed here , coz i am surely saying BYE BYE to Diesel now

Off to Honda showroom now will let you know if they have a CITY waiting for me as against me waiting for the vehicle

Hope to find a Ford Showroom nearby to check on the Aspire

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Was on top of the world for a very brief period , then fell flat on my face

Honda has ready stock of almost all variants in plenty , found a Honda Exchange Mela happening on my way to the actual showroom , this was in a park in Safdarjung Enclave , Delhi and today was the last day.

So all dealers of Delhi NCR under one roof , so cars were in plenty , any make of Honda any variant were on offer.

Discounts were a BIG ZERO on both the models i was looking for.

STILL , was on the top of the world.

Decided to buy City VX CVT and Jazz V AT , sat down with the dealer to make the purchase and then after a few moments came the wrecking ball , they say they cannot do anything about the registration number , this was a deal breaker, , they say all registrations are done online now and the computer select a number for you , so no way you can select an ODD or an EVEN number depending to your need

Also that 1.5L discount is on 2014 unsold Mobilio stock.

Also as registration is the last step the cancellation at that point is mostly irreversible or will cost you as much as a small car.

Then went to a Ford showroom , they had 7 AT EcoSports with a small 20K discount , but then no control over registration numbers.

Last stop for the day a Hyundai showroom

Creta has a basic wait period of 5-6 months , when i persisted they said they have a SX (O) diesel variant but again no control over registration numbers

Its there that the lady attending to me said , look for dealerships which stiil do manual registrations , there they can let you chose an ODD or EVEN number.

With these kind words of wisdom i came back home sulking.

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@librankur, what about getting a number of choice, what's the on-going rate?

I think you can check with a RTO agent or a dealer about it. Since you don't want any fancy/VVIP number hence I presume it should not cost more than 10k.

When I had bought Safari in 2008, I had paid my dealer 5k to get a good number (since there was no such odd/even rule then so I didn't pressurised him much). At the end got a good number 0060 (UP registration).

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Maruti has increased discounts on its Automated Gear Shift offerings namely

Celerio AGS

Wagon R AGS

Alto K10 AGS

kindly check for exact details with dealer


had it been possible at the dealership they wont have turned 24L away.

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I guess, Buying at the end of year a new car not a good idea even in discounted price, in couple of years you may not allow to drive your petrol car more than 8-10 years as Diesel car. Next shopping spree is February and March when you may have better picture of policies from government, NGT and Car manufacturing companies.

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Brilliantly put

I am increasing swayed in that direction

This Odd Even in all likely hood is going to fade away.

Its at most a 15 day , NEW YEAR ORDEAL.

Delhites trying to make past the winter chill

Then as usual Delhites would turn rowdy

And there goes the ODD EVEN for a toss.

Diesel ban may last a while , people will automatically start moving towards Petrol engine and some where down the like Diesel engines will again join in

Was shocked to hear that Scorpio would be launched in a Petrol engine, if this happens who will be left to complain.

M&M already has petrol engines for KUV 100 , the FALCON SERIES

And there goes the BAN

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